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The Mexican Folk Art of Casa De Los Venados

By Everywhereonce @BWandering

Mexican Folk Art, Casa de Los Venados

It’s still early days, but spending an hour perusing the Mexican folk art decorating the private home of John and Dorianne Venator in Valladolid is the highlight of our trip to Mexico so far. They don’t call it a house museum, to them it’s just home, but the couple graciously opens their doors to visitors every morning at 10:00 for guided tours of their house and extensive collection. All they ask in return is for visitors to make a voluntary donation to help local charities at the end of the tour.  

Mexican Folk Art, Casa de Los Venados

Images of Frida Kahlo (here with husband Diego Rivera) are seen throughout the house.

Mexican Folk Art, Casa de Los Venados

The style of these tile works by Daniel Rosel reminded us a bit of Van Gogh (above and below).

Casa de Los Venados-3
Casa de Los Venados-5

And other pieces felt a little like Dali.

Mexican Folk Art Casa de Los Venados

Meanwhile, flying deer playing instruments is a style all its own.

Mexican Folk Art, Casa de Los Venados

Even the dinner table is artsy.

Casa de Los Venados

But the pool is just modern cool. 

Casa de Los Venados

With a touch of the irreverent.

Casa de Los Venados-7

This is not Mexican folk art (I think).

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