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The Man Murdakkh Stops by Real Biz Radio

Posted on the 06 March 2012 by Baj25 @COS_blog

The man Murdakkh stops by Real Biz Radio

Real Biz Radio is a show I came up with a year ago that I finally had the opportunity to put together this year thanks to some highly talented people and some long hours of work the show has finally come to pass. The show is hosted by  Billy “The Billionaire” a really funny comedian from Jersey and a really super talented DJ by the name of DJ Pinnacle, alongside web personality and spokes model Danielle Moore. These three make up the cast of Real Biz Radio which airs live from TTVR Studio  in Jersey every Wed. night at 8:30pm on TTVR247.com the video was shot by the man Lemar Charles of Vicious Prod.  This video shows super MC Murdakkh in the studio with the Real Biz Radio team as he is on his promo tour for his up & coming album “The Warm Up” which drops this month… Check it out and see why this MC is on the rise!! follow Real Biz on twitter RealBizRadio


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