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The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on 30th Nov 2020 – Starting On The Road To Recovery

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on 30th Nov 2020 – Starting On The Road To Recovery

We are heading into eclipse season now and the first of these is going to be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the duel sign of Gemini. There is always two sides to Gemini, an obvious statement I know, but it bares repeating. The main stars in the constellation of Gemini, the twins of Castor & Pollux are two completely different sides of the same coin. Castor is all sweetness and light, the optimist, the raconteur, full of prose and lyrical words. Pollux is the street-fighter who lives in the shadows, the one who chances his arm, uses force over reason, and is partial to illegal activity rather than going the path of honesty. With Gemini you get the full package, and you never know what you are going to get at any one time either, as Gemini changes like the wind. If you know any Geminis you will know that they can charm the pants off you, but there is also a dark side too. They are perpetually whirring away, they never stop as this is the sign that rules the mind, and their mind never stops to let them relax.

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on 30th Nov 2020 – Starting On The Road To Recovery

That says to me that on most levels, the next 6 months are going to be very busy and active ones, as Gemini is always on the go. Looking at the state of play in the world, this stands to reason, as once the vaccines that are being developed are rolled out, and the world releases from the lock down that it has been under, we will have to fix things and get daily life moving again, and that is going to take a lot of work and effort. Things on a local level will take on added significance, and this eclipse will be good for the travel industry too, for Gemini rules vehicles and moving around. Much of that has been stopped in the past year, and this eclipse should be the boost that communities need, so that they can begin to interact again.

The ruling planet of this eclipse, Mercury moving in Scorpio will be making a triple sextile to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and that is a very constructive, hard working and expansive signature for transformation and change from where we are now. It all bodes well for the future. It says to me things slowly building up and getting back to some kind of normal once again.

Back to the eclipse, and it is part of a rather unusual formation making a rectangle formation with Uranus and Venus, which themselves will be in an opposition. Uranus opposing Venus brings about new connections, it makes and breaks relationships and ones that do form are often fleeting and rather unstable. It certainly sharpens things up though, and may bring forth a change in values from the ones that we have had recently. If that means more tolerance, understanding and a more even hand to things - less of this partisan populist rubbish that has infected the world, then so much the better. A Gemini influences eclipse promotes communication, discussion and debate, and all this enters the mix through this rectangle made in the heavens - finally the press will be freed up to do their job without hindrance or accusations of false bias. Through the inconjunct aspects from Sun to Uranus and Moon to Venus, you can see adjustments taking place. Not easy ones but necessary ones as we are forced to see a different side to things that we have been accustomed to of late. Let's hope that this is the case.

The three planets that I haven't mentioned in this article are rather out of the main picture although Chiron does make a fire trine to the Sun, and this promotes some healing. We all need this for sure after the rough year that we have all endured. Mars now direct in Aries is starting to form a building square to Pluto, the last of three that these planets will make for the time being, and a prelude to Mars making its final exacting square aspects to Pluto as well Saturn and Jupiter. There is momentum in the transformation that will come as we going into December and January. Remember, Pluto is power, control and big business and Mars is action and drive. You can see the wheels of motion starting to crank into gear to bring change, but also there is a secretive underground power that also is at work here too, running things from a level that we are not aware of.

Neptune is completely isolated in the chart, unaspected by any major planet and therefore pure in the way that it should be interpreted. I like to think that the idealistic side of Neptune comes out much more when it is left on its own. Imagination, inspiration, spirituality and love should come out from this Neptune, and I also believe that we will not be duped or given the false information that we have been given in the past. I sense a much more straight and structured feel to things than the chaos that Neptune can often bring about - Mercury making that sextile to Saturn assures that rules are held to and the decisions made will be considered and thought through. There will be a plan that we can believe in at last.

I have a lot of optimism about this Lunar Eclipse to come, and my word don't we need it? Things aren't going to be easy though, there will be some instability built into the recovery (Uranus opposite Venus) and I sense that quite a few businesses will struggle to get through because of the hit that they have taken in the past 12 months. The slightest setback may tip many firms and entrepreneurs over the edge financially, the danger and risk won't be over for a while yet, but what I can say in some certainty is that the road to recovery is appearing in the distance.

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