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The Long StreetThe Long Street Which is the Street of The...

By Shannawilson @shanna_wilson
The Long StreetThe long street
which is the street of the...
The Long Street
The long street which is the street of the world passes around the world filled with all the people of the world not to mention all the voices of all the people that ever existed Lovers and weepers virgins and sleepers spaghetti salesmen and sandwichmen milkmen and orators bonelss bankers brittle housewives sheathed in nylon snobberies deserts of advertising men herds of high school fillies crowds of collegians all talking and talking and walking around or hanging out windows to see what's doing out in the world where everything happens sooner or later if it happens at all And the long street which is the longest street in all the world but which isn't as long as it seems passes on thru all the cities and all the scenes down every alley up every boulevard thru every crossroads thru red lights and green lights cities in sunlight continents in rain hungry Hong Kongs untillable Tuscaloosas Oaklands of the soul Dublands of the imagination And the long street rolls on around like an enormous choochoo train chugging around the world with its bawling passengers and babies and picnic baskets and cats and dogs and all of them wondering just who is up in the cab ahead driving the train if anybody the train which runs around the world like a world going round all of them wondering just what is up if anything and some of them leaning out and peering ahead and trying to catch a look at the driver in his one-eye cab trying to see him to glimpse his fave to catch his eye as they whirl around a bend but they never do although once in a while it looks as if they're going to And the street goes bowling on with its windows reaching up its windows the windows of all the buildings in all the streets of the world bowling along thru the light of the world thru the night of the world with landerns at crossings lost lights flashing crowds at carnivals nightwood circuses whorehouses and parliaments forgotten fountains cellar doors and unfound doors figures in lamplight pale idols dancing as the world rocks on But now we come to the lonely part of the street that goes around the lonely part of the world And this is not the place that you change trains for the Brighton Beach Express This is not the place that you do anything This is the part of the world where nothing's doing where no one's doing anything where nobody's anywhere nobody nowhere except yourself not even a mirror to make you two not a soul except your own maybe and even that not there maybe or not yours maybe because you're what's called dead you've reached your station. Descend
A Coney Island of the Mind, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, New Directions 1958

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