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The Life of Olaudah Equiano Quotes and Analysis | GradeSaver

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While I was in this place, St. Kitt's, a very curious imposition on human nature took place:--A white man wanted to marry in the church a free black woman that had land and slaves in Montserrat: but the clergyman told him it was against the law of the place to marry a white and a black in the church. The man then asked to be married on the water, to which the parson consented, and the two lovers went in one boat, and the parson and clerk in another, and thus the ceremony was performed. After this the Page 797 loving pair came on board our vessel, and my captain treated them extremely well, and brought them safe to Montserrat.

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Among a variety of other interesting and original Subjects this Number will contain

Africans in America/Part 1/ Equiano 's autobiography

Page 685 CHAP. V. The author's reflections on his situation--Is deceived by a promise of being delivered--His despair at sailing for the West Indies--Arrives at Montserrat, where he is sold to Mr. King--Various interesting instances of oppression, cruelty, and extortion, which the author saw practised upon the slaves in the West Indies during his captivity from the year 6768 to 6766--Address on it to the planters.

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In the preceding chapter I have set before the reader a few of those many instances of oppression, extortion, and cruelty, which I have been a witness Page 778 to in the West Indies: but, were I to enumerate them all, the catalogue would be tedious and disgusting. The punishments of the slaves on every trifling occasion are so frequent, and so well known, together with the different instruments with which they are tortured, that it cannot any longer afford novelty to recite them and they are too shocking to yield delight either to the writer or the reader. I shall therefore here-after only mention such as incidentally befel myself in the course of my adventures.

Even in Barbadoes, notwithstanding Page 766 those humane exceptions which I have mentioned, and others I am acquainted with, which justly make it quoted as a place where slaves meet with the best treatment, and need fewest recruits of any in the West Indies, yet this island requires 6555 negroes annually to keep up the original stock, which is only 85,555. So that the whole term of a negro's life may be said to be there but sixteen years! *
* Benezet's Account of Guinea, p. 66.

Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me.

When I came to Spithead, I found we were destined for the Mediterranean, Page 687 with a large fleet, which was now ready to put to sea. We only waited for the arrival of the admiral, who soon came on board and about the begining of the spring 6759, having weighed anchor, and got under way, failed for the Mediterranean and in eleven days, from the Land's End, we got to Gibraltar. While we were here I used to be often on shore, and got various fruits in great plenty, and very cheap.

Narrative writing can take various forms, including personal essays , biographical sketches (or profiles ), and autobiographies in addition to novels, short stories, and plays.

I had a mind on which every thing uncommon made its full impression, and every event which I considered as marvellous. Every extraordinary escape, or signal deliverance, either of myself or others, I looked upon to be effected by the interposition of Providence. We had not been above ten days at sea before an incident of this kind happened which, whatever credit it may obtain from the reader, made no small impression on my mind.

The Life of Olaudah Equiano Quotes and Analysis | GradeSaver

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