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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Has No Playable Female Characters Because the Story Says So

Posted on the 01 July 2015 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes has no playable female characters because the story says so
The reason there are no playable female characters in the recently announced 3DS title The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is because the world in which the game is based has only male heroes, the game's director Hiromasa Shikata has told IGN.
"There's this kingdom, an event happens, and the king needs heroes. So, he puts out a call for heroes to gather and one of those is this guy Link. He sees this audition, basically, 'Heroes needed; apply here.' And, that's the start of his adventure," explains Shikata when questioned on the lack of female avatars.
He adds: "The story calls for this sort of legend/prophecy where heroes will come together to help solve a problem. And in that, they are male characters. So, because the game is set with that as the story background, you cannot choose a gender; you are a male character."
After the IGN interviewer expressed disappointment in his answer, Shikata added: "I understand what you're saying, and just as general information, we do have a lot of female staff members who are playing this game and enjoying it. It doesn't seem to be a big issue to them. They still are getting emotional investment in this game.
"And to be honest, Link isn't the most masculine of guys in the world, depending on how you want to project yourself into the character."
The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes is due Q4 2015 on Nintendo 3DS.

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