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The Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ

By Answersfromthebook

Verse 1 of Romans 8 tells us that there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. Verse 2 tells us why. Chapter 7 of Romans revealed to us in no uncertain terms the great dilemma of the Christian life lived out in the natural strength of the believer. Though the born again spirit which God creates on the inside of everyone who comes to faith in Jesus Christ has not the desire nor inclination to live according to the old fleshly nature, neither does it possess the ability or strength to live according to the new nature. It is the sad and woeful realization of the newly converted Christian that he simply cannot walk after the righteous yearnings of his regenerated heart for he finds, as did the Apostle Paul, that the will is present yet the capability of how to do so is not (Rom. 7:18).

Even though the early walk of many believers is characterized by the ups and downs of the spiritual mountaintops and carnal valleys of vacillation between both natures, old and new, the declaration of no condemnation to those in Christ strikes down as a resounding hammer any notion that the child of God shall forfeit his position through sin and transgression. Salvation in Jesus Christ, once obtained, is not tentatively retained based on successful adherence to a set of rules or laws but is firmly and resolutely possessed based on nothing more nor less than the faith of the believer and the faithfulness of his Savior. Eternal Life is never secured by means of the imperfect abilities of the one being saved but is secured by the perfect proficiency of the One Who is saving.

No condemnation whatsoever exists for the one truly trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of which nature within them is currently winning the struggle. Even so, there does exist a way in which the child of God may be free from that miserable cycle of sin and self-deprecation inherent in the Christian life attempted in one’s own strength. And that way is to let the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus supercede the law of sin and death.

God never intended the believer to live the Christian life but intended the believer to let Him live the Christian life through them. It is the Holy Spirit Who accomplishes the righteous expectations of the Law through the child of God fully yielded to Him. The Spirit of the Lord, indwelling the Christian, has the power and ability to manifest a life in accordance with the desire of the new nature; a life that pleases God and overcomes the unconverted sinful nature of the flesh which abides with us until we enter His Presence in the age to come.

Romans 6 demonstrated the reality that the law of sin and death cannot be repealed, though it can be superceded. The everlasting punishment for the sinfulness of man abides upon each and every person unless they come under the authority of a higher Law; a Law which brings Eternal Life rather than death to those trusting in Christ. Now, in Romans 8:2, we are shown that not only is the penalty of sin abolished for the child of God, but the power of sin’s lure can be likewise eradicated by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

To God goes all glory. In service to Him,


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