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The Key To Beautifully Straight Teeth Begins In Childhood

By Peppertan


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We all want our children to grow up healthy and happy; it’s one of our main jobs as parents to ensure it. As part of this, we want them to have healthy, good looking teeth. Wonky teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem, they can cause difficulty eating, and a New York Times writer even believes that straight teeth are the key to success as they put across a certain image to prospective employers and clients. Whatever the reasons for wanting straight teeth, it’s easier to approach this during childhood, rather than try to correct problems when they’re fully grown.

Knock bad habits on the head

Various things can cause wonky teeth or an overbite. Some of these things can’t be affected by anything other than surgery and a brace, but other causes are down to bad habits. Thumb sucking is fine in younger children, but once their adult teeth are growing through it can become problematic. The action of pushing the thumb between the front teeth can pull the teeth forwards, causing wonkiness and misalignment that can only be solved by surgery and braces. Even tooth grinding during sleep can cause misaligned teeth, so it’s worth investing in a mouthguard if this is something your child does. Try to encourage your child to give up their bad habits like thumb sucking while they’re still young to help their adult teeth to grow straight.

Speak to a professional

Your pediatric dentist may be able to tell if your child’s mouth is going to be big enough for all of their adult teeth to grow straight one the tooth fairy has been. If they have any concerns, they might refer you to an orthodontist to discuss braces and retainers. Once your child’s adult teeth are all through they might make efforts to straighten them, or they may also remove back teeth to make more space for teeth to grow in straight. It is worth checking your medical insurance to ensure you’re covered for this sort of dental work, as many plans don’t cover it and it could be an expensive investment.

Look after your teeth

Encouraging your child to care for their teeth will stop decay, which can cause tooth misalignment. It’s also crucial if you are given a brace or retainer to use that you also keep this clean to stop plaque and bacteria build up. Here are 6 easy effective methods on how to clean retainers, mainly using household products, so their mouths can remain healthy while their teeth are being straightened. Following a strict brushing and flossing routine is also crucial, and your orthodontist may also advise avoiding certain types of food or drink to keep stains at bay.

Ensuring children’s teeth grow straight and healthy is an important part of growing up. It teaches them good oral hygiene habits, and the importance of looking after their teeth. It can be uncomfortable for them to have braces and retainers, so encouraging them to knock bad habits such as thumb sucking on the head while they’re still young could help you to avoid further intervention as they get older.

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