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The Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn T-square of April to June 2016

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn t-square of April to June 2016

Ok, this is another big astrological theme now developing in the next few weeks, reaching a peak one month from today on 26th May 2016.

We have a Jupiter Neptune opposition that is closing up as Jupiter in Virgo moving retrograde and Neptune in Pisces in direct motion close in on each other. As ever when the planets collide (or oppose as in this case) I return back to Reinhold Ebertin and what he wrote back in 1940. He says that a difficult aspect between these two planets leads to "impressionability, a person easily seduced, dreaminess, conflict between reality and the virtual ideal, a tendency to revel or idolise, a state where one is misunderstood by others, an inclination to speculate and gamble and wastefulness". In the wider world, Jupiter is the planet of faith, law, learning, international affairs and expansion and Neptune rules the creative world, medical world, oil and gas, drugs, escapism, anything to do with water and the seas, the collective and those who are suffering, and it has a degrading effect on anything it touches.

This is an opposition that in general highlights the more difficult sides of all of these subjects and promotes a lack of discipline. For example, Jupiter and Neptune in opposition is the ultimate "do not gamble aspect" as huge losses can be accrued. Matter of spirituality and faith generally come to the fore and people can get so totally wrapped up in their ideals and beliefs that they fail to realise what is really going on in the world around them. The expansion of drug use, alcohol and illegal behaviour follows this opposition and medical matters and in particular medical spending tends to go through the roof. The influence of unions and collective bargaining organisations also increases and international migrants, refugees and displaced peoples are highlighted. One positive note is for those who are generally creative and/or disruptive and don't live life by the rulebook. They can flourish and expand now and artists and musicians can do well. At the same time this will generally be a time of extremism and terrorism on a much wider scale, and maybe floods and freak weather could occur.

All this mind you will be kept in check by Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of loss and limitation which squares this opposition. Saturn is restrictive and will try to administrate and keep these expansionist and troublesome Neptunian and Jupiterian tendencies at bay by creating rules and barriers to stop the excess and the lack of organisation and structure engendered by them. In the next two months as this t-square is operative you may see government crackdowns on and crisis points reached with drugs, medical services, terrorism, belief structures, unions and collectives, naval and weather connected incidents, refugees and migrants and the flow of people across borders. This could be an inspirational time for putting dreams into practice as Saturn in square provides the structure and stability to make any creative ideas into reality.

In short, those who have expanded beyond their means or have tried to cut corners will ultimately fail, where as those who have been careful and wise in the use of their resources and have planned sensibly will be able to grow...

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