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The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories by Rudyard Kipling

By Pamelascott
Winner of the 2016 Audie Award for Excellence in Production

The magical storytelling and unforgettable characters in Bev Doyle and Richard Kurti's audio adaptation of this children's classic have been brought to life by many well-known voices from film, TV, radio and comedy.

Audible recommends an audience age of eight years plus for this title.

This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 9 episodes to your Library now.


(Audible Original, 5 July 2018, 2 hours 30 minutes, various narrators, audiobook, Audible Original Podcast from @audibleuk, free with membership)



I'm only familiar with The Jungle Book via the Disney cartoon. I know, shocking isn't it? I've never read anything by Rudyard Kipling. I really enjoyed every episode in this podcast. The episodes recount various adventures Mowgli has when he's raised by the pack of wolves and eventually encounters other men and discovers his true destiny. Many of the characters and events are familiar from the Disney cartoon. This is an excellent quality production with a cast who really bring the characters to life and impressive special effects. This was a treat.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Stories Rudyard Kipling

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