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The Jews Are the West; the West Is The Jews

Posted on the 07 July 2015 by Calvinthedog


Note that everyone else wants to list these stupid sanctions which were put on Iran for no reason at all other than the fact that the Jews hate Iran.

Iran is not a threat to the US in any way.

Iran is not a threat to Western Europe in any way.

Iran is a threat to Israel. It’s a threat to the Jews.

So every time you read about how horrible and evil Iran is, think about this. They are not a threat to us Westerners, not even 1%. But they’re a threat to the Jews. So when the West screams and yells about the horrible menace of Iran, what they are really screaming and yelling about is that Iran is bad for the Jews. So the goals and interests of the Jews are the same as the goals and interests of the West. One could argue that the Jews control the West somehow, maybe with money or power. But that implies that the West is a victim and is being forced to support the Jews against its will. The truth is that while the West is indeed under certain pressure from the Jews, this pressure is much exaggerated.

The bigger problem is that the Western elites are simply behind the Jews all the way. It’s an alliance. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the West and vice versa. So the West isn’t carrying water for the Jews.

Instead, the West simply is the Jews – i.e. the West is Jewish. The Jews are also the West (except for the Arab Jews, who are part of the East), but that’s been known forever now. It was always an aberration for culturally European Jews to go to Palestine and become a part of Eastern culture they left behind 2,000 years ago.

So not only are the Jews Westerners (duh), but the West is Jewish. There’s no other way to look at it. We all might as well convert already. We are also Christian, but Christians who support the Jews for all intents and purposes have two identities – Jewish and Christian.

The West says it doesn’t want to lift sanctions off of Iran because of Iran’s “support for armed groups across the region.” As you can see, the West just moved the goalposts. Iran will never cease its support for those groups, so I suppose the sanctions will last forever.

Let’s see who these armed groups are that Iran supports:

  • Hamas
  • Islamic Jihad
  • Hezbollah
  • Shiite militias in Iraq
  • Houthi militia in Yemen

That’s it. Now let’s go through the list and see who these groups are a threat to:

Hamas: Hamas is no threat to the US or Western Europe. Not even 1%. However, Hamas is a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Islamic Jihad: Same thing as Hamas. They are not threat to Europe or the US, but they are definitely a threat to the Jews (Israel).

Hezbollah: Despite endlessly in the effectively Jewish press of Western Europe and the US, Hezbollah poses no threat whatsoever to the US or to Western Europe. Zero, none, zip, nada. However, Hezbollah is definitely one of the worst threats to the Jews (Israel). Also, Hezbollah is a big threat to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Lebanon and Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS in that region are for all intents and purposes being run by the US, the UK, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are openly arming Al Qaeda via Al Nusra in Syria.

The US and UK both arm so-called moderate groups which in reality barely exist. At any rate, most of these moderate groups fight alongside the alliance that is led by Al Qaeda or Al Nusra. Also the majority of the weapons that the US and UK give to the “moderates” somehow end up in the hands of Al Nusra/Al Qaeda. We know that most of the weapons we give out end up with Al Qaeda, but we don’t care because frankly the US is openly supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

ISIS is a much tougher case. Many US weapons end up in the hands of ISIS, but it is not known how they got there.

Shia militias in Iraq: These militias are no threat to the US or Europe. They are honestly no threat to the Jews either, but these groups are definitely hostile to Israel. The Jews hate these groups and they hate the Shia government in Iraq all because that government is allied with Iran, and Iran is one of the Jews’ biggest enemies.

I have no idea if the US is upset at Iran for arming these groups. These militias are a threat to ISIS and allied similar groups. That’s it. So if the US opposing arming these groups, I suppose that means that the US is supporting ISIS in Iraq.

Houthi rebels in Yemen: The Houthi are no threat to the US or Europe. They are hostile to Israel, but they are no threat to the Jews either. However, the Jews absolutely hate them once again because they allied with Jews’ worst enemy, Iran. The Jews are working with the Saudis and the US to genocide the Shia all over the region. The US and the West, Saudi Arabia and Israel all hate every one of these Shia movements and in general they are working to destroy all of them for the simple reason that they are allied with Iran and the US, Europe and the Jews all think Iran is their enemy. Who are the Houthis a threat to? The former pro-Saudi government, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Here we are helping Saudi Arabia bomb a sovereign country. There is a war going on there, but it is mostly the Houthis fighting Al Qaeda, the former government and the Saudis. The Houthis are mostly a menace to Al Qaeda. By attacking the Houthis, we are supporting the former government, the Saudis and Al Qaeda who are all in alliance.

As you can see, the US is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. And we are openly arming Al Qaeda in Syria and Lebanon.

In other words, the US supports and arms Al Qaeda!

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