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The Isaacs Nature’s Symphony in 432: A Journey From Pain To Praise Releasing September 2!

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

Not last Christmas but the Christmas before that – I guess that’s 2014 – I had the opportunity to take my mother to the Gaither Family Christmas show down in Estero, Florida.  While it was a great show for my mom, I have to say it wasn’t what I would label “my genre” of music.  That was until a group called The Isaacs came on stage and then I was completely engrossed.  I left the concert picking up The Isaacs’ current CD and my mom and I listened to it all the way home. 

The first thing I remember about The Isaacs is the fact that they have AMAZING harmony. That is probably the thing that stood out the most for me about them on their then-current CD, The Living Years, as I think back now.


The Isaacs, the highly regarded multiple award-winning family group, is set to release an inspirational project reflecting many personal highs and lows through nature’s tune of 432. “Nature’s Symphony” is recorded in “Verdi’s A tuning” which is warm and gentle to the ear. Scientific experiments have proven that birds sing, whales bellow and the untrained human voice naturally sing in 432 tuning.

Among many prayers and trials, The Isaacs set out to record one of the most personal records of their storied career. The group also enlisted the legendary Terry Bradshaw, the famed football legend, as “Nature’s” executive producer. A long time fan of their music and a close family friend, Bradshaw spent most days in the studio with the family as they recorded the 15-track release of original material, except the beloved hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” that concludes the project. “This hymn befits the nature of this heartfelt collection that has seen us through personal battles and our journey from pain to praise,” says The Isaacs. Now, flash forward, and I’m happy to say that The Isaacs have a new CD releasing entitled Nature’s Symphony in 432: A Journey From Pain To Praise.

Intro: What Does Nature’s Symphony in 432 Mean?

Here’s what The Isaacs tell us – We will try to explain… “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” –John 1:1. Genesis 1 tells us that God SPOKE everything into existence, so we know that every living thing has a vibration that resounds the Voice of the Creator. If God spoke everything into existence, including nature and mankind, and if our DNA vibrates at our innermost atom, then what frequency best moves us, calms us, heals us, and causes us to be One with Him? This is not a new concept, but it’s new to us.

Music is merely the result of sound waves vibrating at different frequencies. Sound waves are measured in cycles per second (or hertz), and the more vibrations per second, the higher the pitch. We believe God has inspired us to record this album using A=432Hz, also known as “Verdi’s A tuning” or “Pythagorean tuning,” instead of the prevalent 440Hz, which became the international standard concert tuning after WWII. The 432 tones are warmer, and gentler to the ear, and you can actually feel the music in your soul. Scientific experiments are proving that birds sing, whales bellow, and untrained human voices naturally sing in 432 tuning, only to name a few examples. We have been seeking intently for the Lord to give us proof that what we have studied was in fact truth. Finally, after following our hearts and recording this album on faith, God gave us confirmation. When you listen to the opening of this album, along with the birds at the beginning of “Nature’s Symphony,” you will hear a soft tone leading into the intro. One morning after specifically praying for God to reveal this to us in a tangible way, Becky captured this tone unknowingly when she was outside recording birds at her home for this opening. She didn’t hear this tone outside, and it wasn’t until playing it back later that she realized it was a supernatural sound. It is the Earth’s frequency and is, in 432 tuning, a perfect “C” note, which is the exact key we had recorded “Nature’s Symphony” in months prior! God allowed us to record this tone for the world to hear it! And, did you know studies have shown that birds singing at dawn actually awaken the pores of plants and Earth to aide in growth? It’s called the Sonic Bloom. How amazing is God’s creation! Even the speed of light, and measurements of the planets, sun and moon are near perfect multiplications of 432. We encourage you to explore these findings on your own, and see if you can feel the difference when you listen to the music. Do you feel a calming peace when you hear it? Our desire is to please and praise God with our sounds and songs, and to enjoy and embrace the symphony of nature as He intended.

With the exception of the beloved hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” we have written every song on this recording. This heartfelt collection has been born through personal battles that have brought us each to a place of surrender, and on a journey from pain to praise. Sonya co-wrote “Keep Breathing” a week after delivering a stillborn baby girl in 2014, and she and Becky co-wrote “I Love You More” as her anthem once the healing had begun. They wrote “If That’s What It Takes” for Ben, who was drawing strength from God to face a family member’s painful dance with addiction. “Dining With The King” and “God Is Still With Me” echo the faithfulness of the Lord while healing Becky of a chronic battle with Crohn’s disease, and “I Find It All In You” resounds the peace Lily found in Jesus when she laid her precious 95 year old mother to rest, also during the writing period of this album. “Lord Of My Heart,” “Yours Amen,” and “None So Lovely” remind us of Christ’s beautiful sacrifice for sin, while “Nature’s Symphony,” “Bird On A Wing,” “Rocks,” and “Fields” are light hearted songs that marry nature and freedom through the love of our Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. All the trials and triumphs we sing about have caused us to lean on Him like never before, and we now rejoice in His love and peace. This IS “The Year Of Jubilee,” and we are coming out of the wilderness together, singing of the goodness of the Lord!


  • Executive Producer: Terry Bradshaw
  • Producer: Ben Isaacs & The Isaacs
  • Engineer: Mark Capps & Ben Isaacs
  • Assistant Engineers: Lee Groitzsch (Skaggs Place Studio) & Eddy Joyner (TMC Studio)
  • Music Tracked At: Skaggs Place Studio by Mark Capps
  • Strings Tracked At: Little Big Sound by Bobby Shin
  • Vocals & Overdubs Tracked At: Skaggs Place Studio, TMC Studio, and Ben’s Place by Mark Capps & Ben Isaacs
  • Digital Edits: Ben Isaacs
  • Mixed At: Omni Studios by Mark Capps & Ben Isaacs
  • Mastering: Georgetown Masters by Andrew Mendelson
  • Vocals: Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs Yeary, Lily Isaacs, Ben Isaacs, Terry Bradshaw
  • Jubilee Choir: The Isaacs, Valencia Houston, Galen Davis, Roger Holmes, Lee Groitzsch, Mark Capps, Jimmy & Ayden Yeary, Mike, Kelly, Hope, Gracie & Katelanne Bowling, Justin & Ella Johnson, John, Levi, & Jakobi Bowman, Shawnel Corley, Hope Loftis, Ladye Love & Brett Smith, Nathan, Teri & Gene McDonald, Brian & Sophie Lawing, Kyra, Cameron & Mindy Isaacs
  • Musicians:
  • Upright & Electric Bass: Ben Isaacs
  • Acoustic Guitar: Becky Isaacs Bowman
  • Mandolin, Banjolin: Sonya Isaacs Yeary
  • Piano: Gordon Mote
  • Electric Guitar: Kelly Back
  • Shofar: Lee Groitzsch
  • Gut String Guitar, Banjo, Resonator Guitar, Octave Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Bryan Sutton
  • Fiddle, Octave Mandolin: Aubrey Haynie
  • Drums & Percussion: Greg Ritchie
  • Drums & Percussion on “Rocks”: Justin Johnson
  • Electric Guitar on “Fields”: Marty Stuart
  • Strings Orchestrator:
  • Jason Webb
  • Violins: David Davidson, David Angell, Janet Darnall, Weit Sun Chang, Alicia Enstron, Zach Casebolt
  • Violas: Monisa Angell, Seanad Chang
  • Cellos, Anthony Lamarchina, Julie Tanner
  • Bird Sounds: recorded by Rebecca Bowman, Lily Isaacs, Mark Capps, and Jimmy Sites & used by permission by Steven Lucas’ Sounds Majestic “Birds 2” recording.

The Isaacs Hi Res

I absolutely can’t wait to listen to this new album and report back to you guys! I listened to the title track while I was putting it into my iTunes playlist and it was awesome. I could hear the harmonies pouring out just like I remembered The Isaacs!

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