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The iPad is the Reporters’ Tool of Choice for Lois Lane, Too

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: She personalizes the glamorous reporter in all those Superman comics and movies, and now Lois Lane’s glamour gains a new high tech edge as she trades the traditional reporter’s notebook for an iPad in the new Man of Steel movie coming this summer to a theater near you.

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Lois Lane trades the notebook for the iPad as we see her: Margot Kidder played the role of the reporter in four films starring in 1978; Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane and will be seen in Man of Steel coming out this summer.

It was inevitable. It just had to happen.

Lois Lane, that most iconic of female reporters, has put away her spiral reporter’s notebook and traded it for an iPad.

Indeed, you will see Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams), displaying an iPad as her journalistic tool of preference when the next movie about the Man of Steel appears this summer.

Since Lois Lane has had a decades’ long competition with Superman for the best scoops, I wonder if Superman will also carry an iPad, or will he be using another tablet? Samsung? Kindle?

The Daily Planet, the fictitious newspaper for which Lois Lane works, apparently has gotten into the 21st Century, outfitting all its reporters with an iPad.

How trendy are they?

Well, while few newspapers are giving away iPads to everyone—-not just yet—-it is obvious that the iPad is becoming the tablet of preference for many editors, reporters and designers.

In my own unscientific research, I have observed that there are more iPads in the average newsroom globally than any other tablet.  I know this is likely to change, but it has not happened yet.

Lois Lane knows that the iPad is hot, so do editors and, particularly,  advertisers.

Let’s not forget that there are 100 million iPads globally, not to mention other up-and-coming tablets from other companies

Advertisers favor having their ads appear on iPads over any other device, and they are willing to pay for it.

The iPad has surpassed the iPhone in popularity

And, rest assured that after Lois Lane appears on the big screen with her iPad, the tablet will probably soar in popularity as high as the man in the blue cape himself.

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The iPad is the reporters’ tool of choice for Lois Lane, too

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