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The Inauguration of Joe Biden – What to Expect from This Administration?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The inauguration of Joe Biden – What to expect from this Administration?We are coming up to the induction of a New President in the United States,, and as ever it is scheduled to occur at 12.00 noon, on 20th January 2021 in Washington DC at the Capitol Building, the site of an invasion just two weeks earlier. This inauguration comes at a difficult moment in US history, with the country deeply divided, and tensions running high. The security around this event will be suffocating, as is shown from the chart.

The inauguration of Joe Biden – What to expect from this Administration?

We know that the 12th house is the house of suffering and sacrifices made, and this position indicates that whatever action is taken, this administration is going to see a population that is beset by problems, in particular health issues, as is also indicated by the 12th house position, and its link to hospitals and the medical services. This is a given, Covid-19 is not going away, it is the archetypal hidden enemy (12th house) of the people (Moon), and there is nothing anyone can do to change it, as represented by the last degree of the sign. This Moon also indicates the people are angry, restless, and that anger is latent and working away at the unconscious soul of the nation.

Let's look at that 12th house picture in more depth. The Moon conjunct to an almost exact Mars Uranus conjunction in this 12th house, adds in further complications to the picture that we are looking at. Mars Uranus in the 12th in my view shows so much internal frustration and desire to break free and rebel from that which we know, and are used to. Even worse, it may even harbour an internal threat to this administration that lies dormant or undercover for a while. You could see from emerging video of the attack on the Capitol that some police officials were actually complicit in the invasion of the building, and if I were advising this Administration, I would have to keep security on an unprecedented level. This conjunction also indicates the unusually high military presence hidden away, 25000 troops at last count, to keep the whole event of the inauguration secure and safe.

Taurus represents the values we have, and we have seen that in America they are slowly changing. Uranus in Taurus as I have said before is like tilling the soil, turning it over for the growing season, to release the nutrients underneath, and to get a good crop, it has to be done. As in nature, so it must be in daily life, and occasionally there has to be a turning of the page to refresh things and to allow progress to occur. The problem is that Uranus conjunct to Mars in that 12th house is fostering a lot of resentment, as well as a desire to act to make things better. You will be aware that the 12th house is a house of suffering, but of healing too, and this suggests that there will be a fast roll out of vaccines as soon as Biden takes office. Mars and Uranus promises high speed, Mars through it's connection to the sign Aries actually has an effect over the 12th house of medical and clinical services, and in this sign of Taurus, that speed can be maintained over the long haul.

What of the other rulerships of these 3 planets? The Moon on this chart rules 3rd and 4th houses, and this suggests emotional tension at a very local level, within communities and regions in the United States. I suggest that there will be difficult issues or changes with local transport maybe across state borders or specific regions depending on the state of the fight against the virus or maybe to stop local militia groups travelling out of state to join up with others. Matters of education will have to be dealt with and whether children can go to school safely, and there will be a sudden change in the language used by this administration, the communication style, the agreements, contracts and decisions that are made. Look for much of these under the previous administration to be overturned very, very quickly. Women will be prominent in this administration, not least as the Vice President will be female, and women's issues will have a lot of priority - expect changes in any restrictions or rules holding back female participation in all sectors of life. I also think there will be changes in relation to anything to do with the use of land, the climate and climate change, farming, agriculture, house ownership, housing, property and real estate. Uranus rules the 11th house (via Aquarius being on the cusp of this house) and so there will be an enhanced ability for this administration to network, join groups, clubs and collectives, and to play it's part in furthering things to change the world around us. That means the US actively reinstating itself to the Paris Accord on climate change, playing a full part in NATO, the United Nations, the G7 and other multi-national agreements.

Mars and Uranus at the time of the inauguration will be square to Jupiter, part of that large stellium close to the Midheaven of the chart. This increases the scale of everything that I have mentioned bringing a definite international influence that will be present from this administration, and having links with the outside world and expanding the reach of the United States will be something that Joe Biden will be keen to do. There will also a potential for an international threat to the United States too possibly from religious extremist groups, or from people who see things in a radically different way from the way the Administration does. This will be an ever present threat that will have to be combatted.

The sense I get is that this will be an administration with a powerful grip on what goes on, and Saturn and Pluto in conjunction with the Midheaven suggests that the new President will have to lay down the law quite severely with the situation that he finds himself in. Restrictions, rules, control so that it achieves a transformation in the current situation is suggested. Blocks on international travel may just have to be held down, or maybe Pluto in the 9th house suggests that other countries will continue to block international travel from American citizens for some considerable time. Pluto in the 9th house also indicates a complete change in this Administration's attitude to race and diversity. It will be inclusive, encouraging all and everyone on an equal basis. The black and ethnic vote helped Joe Biden win the election, and he will owe some debt to those communities over the next 4 years. Pluto in the 9th house rules the 7th house of open enemies, and in terms of those who oppose his presidency, I suspect there will be a big crackdown on those who try to subvert the course of justice. This President will come down hard on anyone who goes against the rule of law. Now, the position of Pluto so close to the Midheaven is a concern too, as when Pluto as it hits an angle will radically change things. How I will look at towards the end of this article.

Venus is the chart ruler, and it sits very nicely in the 9th house too, and this encourages building international relations, with the President being involved in peace treaties a potential manifestation of this position. I mentioned climate change earlier, and this position of Venus sextile to Neptune which is a planet linked to the weather and the collective suggests America agreeing to international standards on this. Venus in down to earth Capricorn will likely be trine to the Ascendant on the chart, and she also affects the 6th house of the workers, health issues, unions and service, and so this administration will focus a lot on ordinary men and women, social security issues, health and welfare and blue collar workers. You can see a big emphasis of trying to level the playing field for these people. Expect a lot of emphasis on healthcare too - this will be a priority once the battle to control Covid-19 is being won. I can also see this being a very amenable President to making deals with those who may not agree with him and his point of view. Venus is the planet of diplomacy, and this President will be very different from the last one, as he will be willing to work with everyone to get what is needed for the American people. Now will he get his vision through? That remains to be seen although everything will be in his favour, as the Senate and House of Representatives will be Democratically led.

Venus sits on the fixed star Vega, the star in the constellation of Lyra, the Lyre, and this connection suggests that there will be a desire to change the social order of things through a visionary plan or ideal, however this connection can also indicate someone who is unrealistic in his aims. Robson is not very complimentary about this link, suggesting that Venus conjunct Vega brings hard-heartedness, coldness, a miserly attitude and ill-health. That last note from Robson is very concerning seeing as Venus rules this chart. With Joe Biden being 78 years old, the stress of the Presidency may indeed take its toll on his health.

Interestingly, Mercury in Aquarius may well be square to the Ascendant, so watch out for criticism and maybe laws on internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and the like. With the North Node in the 2nd house and the South Node in the 8th, getting the US finances back in order will be a real struggle, and the default way to do this may be to impose new taxes. I can see these being levied on digital sales, which so far have avoided the gaze of the IRS. This is a potential goldmine, especially with so much trade having switched from physical stores to the internet. Mercury rules 2nd and the 6th houses, so I suspect that there will be a lot of tension in getting the money that ordinary people need and require (social security cheques) out to them on a regular basis.

Now if the 12.00 noon time is kept for the inauguration, then we will face the prospect of Pluto hitting the Midheaven at the same time that Uranus hits the Ascendant of this chart. This is incredibly stressful, and a potentially revolutionary set of aspects in nature, and it suggests major changes that may affect the whole administration, especially in the summer of 2021 and into 2022. Dates to watch out in particular will be mid July on and around 11th July and around 28th September 2021 as well as 24th April 2022. These are the dates that Uranus will be due to hit the Ascendant, and as you will know, Uranus can bring shocking change. I will also note that the progressed Moon will start moving in that 12th house from 20th January and will make a conjunction Mars/Uranus conjunction in mid-September 2021 as well, so watch for a lot of unpredictable action in that month to affect the President, maybe linked to a potential health crisis or sudden visit to a hospital that may crop up without much warning.

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