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"The Inaudible and Noiseless Foot of Time"

Posted on the 26 August 2013 by Davidduff

I thank God that I missed my "fifteen minutes of fame" which that nice Mr. Warhol promised me.  Or at least, if I am about to experience it, I thank God it is in my dotage so that no-one can point to an early photo from my youth and snigger as they compare it today's 'wreckage'.  Alas, poor Christine Keeler cannot avoid that fate as The Mail cruelly made clear recently.  Here she is in her naughty famous days:

Dammit, she was a very attractive girl!  For a start she was a brunette, so unlike those zillions of lookalikes turned out by those wretched 'blondie factories' these days.  Also, she has that slight overbite which I always think is very sexy.  Of course, whether or not she really was sexy obviously I cannot know, but it should not be taken as a given.  By and large I suspect, good time girls prefer the champagne and caviar to the actual messy business of sex with usually deeply unattractive men who have paid for the privilege - well, that's the thought I cling to when I used to see the likes of the late, grossly fat Ted Kennedy with some bimbette!  Anyway, back to Christine and the ravages of Time, here she is today:



There are no words, except to say that as far as I know she never killed anyone, so good luck to her in her old age.


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