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The Importance of Life Insurance for Women

By Rojer @healthxwellness
The Importance of Life Insurance for Women

Life insurance is really a way to protect your family against possible financial trouble or perhaps ruin, depending on your circumstances.

It is a common sight these days that most women are breadwinners of their families. Previously, women rarely get insurance because they do not know their financial value nor could they be paid for doing jobs at home. Nowadays, insurance companies are encouraging women to purchase insurance in order for them to secure not just their own life but also of their family members as well.

Women are often viewed as homemakers in societies. However these days women not only take care of houses but additionally work outside the house to earn additional income for his or her family. Taking life insurance for women is very important since women are often the linchpins of the family and without one the family can fall apart.

Benefits of Life Insurance for Women

Life insurance is really a way to protect your family against possible financial trouble or perhaps ruin, depending on your circumstances. Life insurance is another way to relieve some of the anxiety that family members may feel as they wonder the way they will get by should a breadwinner within the family pass on. Some forms of life insurance can even be used as a way of saving money over the long term.

Cash Value

In contrast with other life insurance policies, the entire life insurance policy accrues usable cash. As the policy holder pays premiums, this cash continues increasing. In case the policy is surrendered, the policy holder has got the cash values. This cash value is tax deferred.

Premium Level

In term life insurance, the premium increases during renewal. In case of whole life insurance, the premium remains constant. It does not increase as time passes. Also, if dividends are used, the premiums that have to be paid are minimized.


A participating whole life insurance policy includes a feature of dividends. These are received as cash. They can be used to minimize premiums, to create interest or purchase a mortgage free additions.

Death Benefit

The death benefit does not decrease in case of whole life insurance. When demise occurs, this death benefit isn’t subjected to federal income taxes. As per the requirement, the death benefit can be accepted like a lump sum amount or a monthly income.

Life Insurance for Women

Life Insurance for Women

Other Benefits

  • The policy’s guarantees a higher degree of safety
  • The policy holder can borrow financing using the cash value as collateral
  • Insurance of the lifetime
  • Generates tax deferred cash
  • Some withdrawals and loans are tax favored
  • In indeterminate premium insurance, the premium is adjustable but never more than the maximum value produced in the policy
  • A non-participating insurance has relatively less out-of-pocket premium payments
  • In limited payment insurance, the premiums are taken care of a limited number of years, while the coverage is for the whole lifetime
  • In participating insurance, the dividend can be used to purchase paid-up additional
  • Insurance which results in increasing the face value of the coverage
  • In single premium insurance, there’s only one large premium and hence the policy comes with an immediate cash value

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