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The House of the Future as Imagined in the 1950′s

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers
The House of the Future as Imagined in the 1950′s

Photo from Dark Roasted Blend.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how smart home technology and internet connectivity have been very popular at CES 2014. Out homes today are full of technology we had not even conceived of just a few generation ago.

While today’s futuristic and modern technology is focused on WiFi, Internet, and connectivity – mainstream innovations of our generation – the retro futuristic home was full of advanced forms of technology available in that day in age – namely plastic, automation, and electronics.

Here is a look at some ideas about “the home of the future” as it was pictured some 60 years ago, in the 1950′s.

This RCA – Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen is pretty spot-on for the idea of a tablet-controlled kitchen, featuring streaming video, video phone, kitchen inventory, and home surveillance system. The ice dispenser too is common today. And don’t forget the robotic vacuum cleaner! That may very well be the most far-fetched wish from the past that has come true today.

However, the automatic opening, concealed cabinets have yet to appear in the 21st century kitchen. Though our modern ovens are not fast enough to bake a cake in three minutes, they are self cleaning!


This two-part documentary explores the Monsanto home of the future, featured at Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

Plastics were new and exciting when this model home was made. Today, however, plastic may be seen as boring, cheap, or even controversial.

There are still impressive ideas that have not yet come into our 21st century homes, like ultrasonic dishwashers that double as the cabinets or those fantastic integrated and automatic cabinets and drawers.

However, we do have some of the most incredible technology predictions – touch-tone and speakerphones are described as “fantastic even as a dream.” Imagine explaining mobile phones and bluetooth earpieces to someone in 1957!

Finally, we have this energetic presentation by Frigidaire of a future kitchen with more push-button automation. Note that the computer terminal is still controlled by punch-cards, rather than the touchscreen controls we have today.

This segment was part of a GM presentation called Design for Dreaming, and the entire musical short can be found here.


What will people of the future think of us and our dreams for tomorrow? Share your speculations and comments below!


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