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the Horse and Carriage Minhag is on Its Way out

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The grandson of the Tzanzer Rebbe is getting married. Mazel tov!
Dovid Halberstam got married last night to the daughter of Rav Moshe (her first name was not mentioned in the announcements I saw)  Halperin from London.
The minhag in Tzanz is that the chosson and kalla, each separately, is brought to the wedding, and escorted by the chassidim, in a horse-drawn carriage, with elders of the chassidus riding the horses.
Being form London, the kalla requested that this minhag be cancelled. She has no interest in being brought in via a horse-drawn carriage. I imagine she feels too refined for such a spectacle.
the horse and carriage minhag is on its way out
Despite it being explained to her, and explained that the carriage and horses have already been ordered and that all the Tzanz family weddings follow this minhag, she persisted in her refusal to be brought out as if she is living in the 18th century.
Her request was considered and agreed to, and the horses and carriage order were canceled. I guess it is good that amazon takes returns with so little hassle!
source: Behadrei
I have been to weddings on kibbutzim and in moshavim where at times horses or tractors are used during the wedding (I remember one where the horse was brought into the hall during the dancing, and it slipped on the slick dance floor - that was a big problem. they had a hard time getting it up and was a very difficult site to witness), and the crowd generally enjoys the spectacle.
Turning that into a holy minhag just because a hundred or two hundred or five hundred years ago there were no cars and horses and carriages was the common mode of transportation is just silly. I guess that is similar to wearing a coat under the chuppa because back in Poland or Russia it was freezing cold at outdoor weddings, or like some other customs that have developed over the years. This "minhag" has been dropped by everyone by now, including all hassidic sects, except for Tzanz, and even in Tzanz it is only limited to the family of the rebbe. Not much of a real minhag. I guess now even with the Tzanz family it will peter out after this kalla broke the tradition. I have no problem since this isnt a real minhag anyway. You want a horse at your wedding, get yourself a horse. It doesnt have to be considered an ancient holy minhag.
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