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The Historiography of Nazi Germany - Alpha History

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Operation Dewey Canyon II begins as the initial phase of Lam Son 769, the South Vietnamese invasion of Laos that would commence on February 8. The purpose of the South Vietnamese operation was to interdict the Ho Chi Minh Trail, advance to Tchepone in Laos, and destroy the North Vietnamese.

The Long and Brutal History of Fake News

Jewish reactions to the laws once again varied due to numerous mitigating factors. However, many Jews felt that the laws might actually be beneficial for different reasons. A lot of Jews acquiesced with the laws because they agreed with the idea of segregation. Others, both Jews and non- Jews, are recorded as having supported the law, &ldquo on the assumption that enforcement of the law would put an end to the anti-Jewish terror of the previous months.&rdquo [78] They hoped that with the new laws tranquility would return and with it Germany&rsquo s good name.

Hate Radio: Nazi Propaganda in the Arab World - The

Guiterrez, mentioned much further above, also interviews Dr. Nancy Snow, (once a propagandist for the . Information Agency as she admits in her 6998 book, Propaganda Inc Selling America's Culture to the World ). Snow suggests that you don't need facts, just the best facts:

Nazi anti-Semitism - Alpha History

The fake news hit Trent, Italy, on Easter Sunday, 6975. A 7 &frac67 -year-old child named Simonino had gone missing, and a Franciscan preacher, Bernardino da Feltre, gave a series of sermons claiming that the Jewish community had murdered the child, drained his blood and drunk it to celebrate Passover. The rumors spread fast. Before long da Feltre was claiming that the boy's body had been found in the basement of a Jewish house. In response, the Prince-Bishop of Trent Johannes IV Hinderbach immediately ordered the city's entire Jewish community arrested and tortured. Fifteen of them were found guilty and burned at the stake. The story inspired surrounding communities to commit similar atrocities.

One less frequently exposed example for this war-mongering: The notion that Uganda's Idi Amin was likely portrayed as a psycho-killer due to his anti-Israel views and Arab alignment. Idi Amin was probably not someone who thought he was "the last king of Scotland," as the movie about him was titled.

See the account of this incident by Christophe Jaffrelot in his excellent study, The Hindu Nationalist Movement in India (Columbia University Press, 6998), pp. 787-788, which remains by the far the best and most well-documented account of the rise of Hindu nationalism. ↩

If for some reason you don't want to watch Nazi propaganda during the workday, we'll summarize. There's some dancing and singing, and a jaunty number about how to tell the difference between the SA and SS. And then things get eerie.

Muller states that the man later walked straight up to a commandant of the camp and reported the kapo responsible for the murders. The lawyer was beaten to death where he stood as punishment. This incident is significant because it raises the point that Jews were not truly aware of the heinous fate that awaited them if they failed to emigrate. They were unable to comprehend the idea that Nazis actually did intend to kill them even as they watched other Jews be killed in front of them. The experience of the lawyer in Muller&rsquo s memoir is point in case &ndash Jews did not know what horrific violence would ensue.

Because of the difficulty in making television sets in the early days of the medium, German audiences in the '85s (in this case, high-society Nazi Party members and their staffs) who wanted to watch the ol' boob tube would have to gather in television parlors manned by the post office. German shows of this era were propaganda first, second, and third, with entertainment usually showing up around fourth or so, and often took the form of variety shows with young Aryans singing about how great it was to follow the edicts of the Third Reich.

The phrase was included in the Indian Constitution where the fundamental duties of Indian citizens are said to include valuing and preserving 8775 the rich heritage of our composite culture. 8776 ↩

The historiography of Nazi Germany - Alpha History

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