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The Healthiest Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of: Lychee

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz


Kind of weird looking, right?

This alien-looking fruit is called a lychee (or litchi), meaning “gift for a joyful life” in Chinese. Found in several Asian countries (particularly China), it has a sweet, grape-like taste that makes it a popular option in desserts.

It also happens to be one healthy little sucker.

The lychee is jam-packed full of heart-healthy polyphenols and is suspected to have cancer-preventing benefits. It also is low in calories, contains no saturated fats, and is a good source of Vitamin C, potassium, and copper. Not bad for a fruit whose name you probably can’t even pronounce.


They are a summer fruit, so you’ll probably have some difficulty finding them out of season. When you first look at them, they look a little daunting. Start by removing the thick outer covering, to reveal the yummy, fleshy fruit. Then, carefully remove the big black pit from the center and voila! You have a delectable, sweet little treat. They are fantastic on their own, or I like to grill them with other grilled veggies for a touch of sweetness.

Interesting History: The lychee fruit is a Chinese symbol of love and romance, mainly attributed to it’s sweet smell. Legend has it that the 8th century Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty would send his guards hundreds of miles to find the fruit so he could use it to woo beautiful women. How’s that for a powerful fruit?

Peace, love, and health,


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