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The Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Some of the benefits of sleep are due, perhaps, to the fact that when we feel tired and lethargic, we tend to eat more comfort foods which are usually full of fat and sugar. However there are many other reasons why a good night’s sleep is good for our health.

The Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping Environment

It has been proven that when we sleep for less than six or seven hours a night, our chances of getting a number of diseases increase. For this reason, if for no other, we should do all that we can to ensure that our sleeping environment is comfortable. One way to do this is to ensure that you have a good quality mattress to support your body correctly while you sleep, and Vi-Spring Mattresses come highly recommended to give you a great night’s sleep.

If you sometimes wake with a stiff neck, it probably means that you have not slept well, even if you have had a good number of hours asleep. Tempur Cloud Pillows are specially designed to give you that comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep that will set you up for the day ahead.


The medical profession has found that quality sleep reduces the risk of heart diseases as well as the rate of cancer.

Of course, sleep affects our mental health too, and anyone who has continually suffered from sleepless nights will tell you of their lack of energy, apathy to life in general and in many cases, a tendency towards depression. Once this happens, we start to neglect our health in general, often drinking to numb the problem and not eating a healthy diet or taking exercise.

Facing the world

So, something that we take for granted, such as sleep, can have a great affect on our lives, and those around us. By using Tempur cloud pillows you will find that you wake up refreshed and positive, and of course, it helps if your bones are not aching too, and vi-spring mattresses will help you retain a good posture whilst you are asleep, leaving you ready to leap out of bed the following morning, ready for the day ahead.

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