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The Habs Spent More Time Defending in Game 2 Than They Did in Game 4

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
This post will focus on how much "time" each Montreal Canadiens player has spent defending in the defensive-zone. Percentage of events spent defending is calculated by dividing the number of events each player engages-in while attempting to remove puck-possession from the opposition in the defensive-zone, by the total amount of puck-possession events (offensive and defensive / all 3 zones).
A higher-percentage indicates that the player has spent more time defending in the defensive-zone. Expressed differently, the higher the percentage, the more time the opposition has spent with possession in the Habs' zone. The BLACK line represents the players percentage during the season; the BLUE line shows their percentage during game 1 versus the Tampa Bay Lightning, the GREEN line shows their number from game 2, the BURGUNDY line shows their number from game 3, and the GREY line shows their percentage from game 4.
As a team, the Habs spent more time in the defensive-zone defending against the Lightning during game 2 than they did in any other game. That said, the percentage in game 4 was a close-second. Among defensemen, Andrei Markov spent the least amount of time defending in game 4; after spending the most time defending in game 2, and the second-most in game 3. As a group, Habs d-men spent more time defending in games 2 and 4 than they averaged during the regular season.
Among forwards, David Desharnais had the highest percentage of defensive-zone events while defending. As a group, Habs centremen spent more time defending in game 4 than they did in any other game during the playoffs. Dale Weise spent the least amount of events defending in the d-zone, while the Habs wingers spent more time defending in game 4 than in any other game this series.

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