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The Greatest Wish of a Woman Through IVF

By Momatlast @momatlast

We are now living in a planet that has become very smart. This has been possible due to the latest advancements in technology. With the various advancements in the field of science, technology and medicine most of the problems of mankind has simply disappeared. The human race can now say that they have a solution for almost everything. The problem of infertility has been also answered. There are various options available these days which can be used to effectively treat infertility.
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The life of a woman can become a nightmare if she comes to know that she lacks the ability to conceive. To have a child is one of the greatest wish of any woman. Due to advancement in the field of medicine and allied technologies infertility is no more a problem. There are a wide range of treatments that can solve this problem. It helps a woman to get pregnant and fulfill her wish of having a baby. One of the most well known treatment methods is IVF. It is the acronym for In Vitro Fertilization. It is said to be the most innovative treatment method known to man till date. In this technique the sperm and the egg is fussed in a controlled environment. The whole setup lies outside the womb of the woman. In this method the embryo is created artificially. Then it is put into the embryo of the patient. Then the woman conceives and she gets pregnant. This treatment has become popular in various parts due to its success story. There are many scopes of getting IVF treatment in Pune city. Various steps are followed while treating women with this technique. There are mainly three steps involved in the process.

The first step is called the ovulation induction or ovulation injection. The doctor suggests some injections or medicines to the patient so that ovaries are produces in excess amount. The fallopian tube is operated. Most of the women suffer from problem in their fallopian tube. This can be a great reason behind their infertility. The last thing that is done is the donation of the egg. Egg donation is the last resort for those couples who have experienced continuous failure of the ovary. In this technique the sperm of the male is fussed with the egg of some other female who his not his partner. The name of the egg donor is usually kept secret. But various factors are considered before the egg of some other women is accepted. They are psychological testing, social evolution and various legal bindings.

After the couple has been able to safely manage the egg by adopting any of the three above mentioned processes, they can start with the IVF treatment. This has become very popular throughout the world. But this technique is not suitable for each and every couple. Men who have very low sperm count should not go for this treatment. This treatment is not for those ladies who possess a damaged uterus or have become old.

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