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The Grand Water Trine of Summer 2013 (or Winter If You Are in the Southern Hemisphere)

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Transits trine

Here we go, the major planetary formation of June, July and into August starts to form in the next couple of days as we get a little taster of what is to come. Right now Mercury and Venus now in Cancer are moving in to form a Grand Water trine with Saturn and Neptune which themselves are making a lovely trine from Scorpio to Pisces. Following on these two scouts laying down the path we have the Sun, then Jupiter and Mars which will all move into range in the early degrees of Cancer between now and the start of August completing the Grand Trine.

So what will this mean to us all? Well the base structure of the Saturn Neptune trine looks really positive. Neptune in Pisces is pure inspiration, it rules one's dreams, deception, escapism, spirituality and suffering too. Saturn in Scorpio is hard and uncompromising and it does bring limitation and rules fear and harshness but here is also the potential for growth, solidity, ambition and slow steady progress. If you use these planets in a positive manner you can use your intuition to make your dreams into reality or your faith can solidify. The down side is that you use deception and the more shadowy side of Neptune's influence it can bring the weight of the law down upon you. The choice is yours as the energy is here.

The planets coming along to complete the trine bring different influences to the picture. Right now we have communication and ideas to protect yourself as well as issues coming along from the past to the past through Mercury all of which can be boosted by Neptune and Saturn.

Venus brings issues of money and relationships (from the past perhaps) to the fore too as well as compassion and caring and beauty. These will be important keywords as Saturn and Neptune bring these things into reality if you really want them to happen.

The Sun's energy will enthuse this grand trine in early July, Jupiter brings expansion and optimism, faith, confidence and maybe international opportunities and then Mars brings strength, determination and action to put all of these factors together.

For any water sign person or those of you with strong water links on your chart, this could be a summer of unlimited opportunities and a chance to make significant progress as Saturn and Neptune combine and enthuse and build. Even if you are not a Cancerian, Scorpio or Pisces, there are wonderful opportunities on offer here wherever these planets touch your chart. For myself, Saturn is just in my 1st house, Neptune my 5th and the other planets in my 9th so maybe for me expansion will come internationally (9th) and I can use my creative talents (Neptune in 5th) to make significant personal progress (Saturn in 1st) - let's hope so :)

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