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The Grand Fire Trine of October 2014 – Jump in the Rocket and Reach for the Stars

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The Grand Fire Trine of October 2014 – Jump in the rocket and reach for the stars

Just starting to form above us is one of the most enthusing and exciting planetary formations in 2014, a grand fire trine of rather epic proportions. Grand trines see three or more planets spaced 120 or so degrees apart in the sky and the angles that they make allow the planetary energies to flow more than any other formation that is possible. This grand trine is occurring in the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius so we should look out for dramatic and dynamic action in the next 2 to 3 weeks to come.

The Grand Fire Trine of October 2014 – Jump in the rocket and reach for the stars

This grand fire trine is starting to come together as I write and will be taking hold by the coming weekend (27th to 28th September). From then it stays in place through until mid October peaking in intensity around 6th of the month. The tree planets involved are exciting ones, full of action and growth possibilities. Firstly we have Uranus in Aries, the planet of shocks and surprises, revolutionary spirit and independent action and in trine with it at this moment we have Jupiter in Leo, the planet of optimism, growth, luck and expansion. This Jupiter Uranus trine is fabulous for taking a risk with a new idea and running with it. There is a feeling of exploration now, of making something happen, of achieving things that have never been done before. Anything to do with space, science and technology, travel and learning, faith and publication, law and social issues will be pushed ahead greatly by the trine between these two giants of our solar system. This is an exciting time for innovation and for putting yourself and your ideas in the spotlight. You may also get a lucky break that can take you onwards and upwards. If ever there is a lucky aspect, this is it. Time to go out and chance your arm, but remember, only bet what you can afford to lose.

Moving through Sagittarius the third of these planets in fire signs is Mars. The red planet in this sign is freewheeling, unhindered and will want to get moving even if it upsets those around it; there is a rather no-nonsense approach that comes to the fore when Mars enters Sagittarius. The planet of action, force and aggression is happy though here and as it connects with Jupiter and Uranus, it will light the fuse for this spaceship to set off. Jupiter in Leo is positive, Uranus in Aries is positive and Mars in Sagittarius is too and you can imagine the energy circling around this fire trine faster and faster, spinning like a top, jet propelled for high speed. There is so much expansive, incendiary and positive energy here and if it can be harnessed, it can fire you upwards to incredible heights very quickly. We will see so much enthusiasm coming out in the next couple of weeks, I think it will be infectious. If your chart is not being affected by these planets and the ones to look at are from about 12 to 18 degrees in any of the fire signs, then grab on to the coat-tails of someone who is, and hold on for dear life.

Now with the positive benefits come a few warnings. This is an explosive mix. It's like getting a huge barrel of gun-powder, connecting it to a fuse and lighting it. It will be far too easy to go too fast now, take a risk too many, expand too quickly, think you are invincible when you aren't. The thing about any fire trine is that it will burn for only so long before the fuel runs out. With the element of fire, you get huge enthusiasm, but not so much staying power. Like a shooting star, it burns brightly before fading and falling to earth. This is a moment of conception that we will see now but you will have to knuckle down after the initial hit to make any idea or project stand the test of time. Bare that in mind in anything that you are planning to starting up.

In the world around us, this is a joyous combination that will bring unexpected love and joy. Passions will burn and a lot of fun and excitement can be had. If you are exploring, travelling, playing sports or doing some physical activity, you will have a fantastic time. Keep an eye out though for accidents caused through speed or reckless intent, and on a wider scale there may be huge international military action that may shock and surprise. Fires and arson attacks may go totally out of control, violent thunderstorms and other weather events may cause wide scale destruction too. There may also be social unrest that could turn aggressive and even nasty, and arguments both local and worldwide could get totally out of hand. Where there is a plus side in Astrology, there is always a debit side too.

Use this energy wisely however and you can get the quick start to your life that you wanted. Along with the new Moon which happened earlier today (24th September) there is going to be a very positive vibe that you can take advantage of if you are bold and brave. It's time to get moving, hit the gas pedal, fire up the engine and put plans and dreams into action. It's time to put on your spacesuit, and prepare for a lift off...


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