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the Government and the People Need to Be More Sensible to Beat This

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
We blame the government a lot for not getting control over the Corona situation, after being so successful early on...but they are not completely at fault. Sure, they could be clearer, and sure they could set rules and reverse them and then reverse them again, every few days, sure the rules could be more logical.... but the people.
As I have said before, Corona does not care how self-righteous you are about your cause? Want to know why Corona is spreading like wildfire? Because there are thousands protesting every day in Jerusalem on Balfour Street, and many are not wearing masks or taking other precautions. People are making weddings and finding ways to have more guests than allowed without getting caught or without technically breaking the rules. There was a prominent wedding in Jerusalem last night wit thousands of attendees.
And let's not forget, a recent study showed that large weddings were the greatest cause of the virus spread since the re-opening at the end of June.
Corona just does not care about how self-righteous you are and about your cause. You think large weddings should be ok because the other people are allowed to protest? That's why Corona is spreading. You think you have the right to protest and nobody can tell you otherwise? that's why Corona is spreading.
The government just decided to cancel the closure it imposed recently for weekends. To me this makes sense. It made no sense to me to have a closure on the weekends, when fewer people are out and about (as most places of business and recreation are closed anyway) if all week long everyone can do pretty much whatever they want. So, by reversing the decision are they getting better and being more sensible about it or are they just letting us all know that they do not know what they are doing?the government and the people need to be more sensible to beat this
Recent statistics indicate that only 17% of the public understand the Corona guidelines. And I totally get that. I have  lost track of what the guidelines are. We recently came close to one of the children having to go into quarantine after an exposure from a friend. the doctor sent some graphic form the Ministry of Health explaining when quarantine is required, but it did not say the same thing as the Ministry of Health website. According to one my kid needed quarantine, and according to the other she didn't/ We called the Ministry of Health and after a lot of hemming and hawing, they decided she did not need to go into quarantine. It seems like even the MoH officials are not so clear on the rules.
With the government changing the rules all the time, people can't keep track of what are the updated rules. It is very difficult to find the correct information - I still haven't found a list of current guidelines on the Ministry of Health website and their telegram group has gotten almost useless to me as they put out so much information that it is impossible to find anything and to know what is current.
the government needs to do better, but the people need to stop doing things that so obviously are petri dishes for the virus.
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