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The GOP Women: Like a Battered in an Illusion, Or Enjoying Their Degradation by the Grand Old Party

Posted on the 16 September 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
A Political Party in desperate need of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The GOP insists that they don't have a "War on Women", yet they oppose every single Woman's issue around! Why not protect women rights?
Why doesn't the GOP believe in equal rights for women...not just Equal Pay...but total equal rights? And then they come out with all the classic horseshit, on why they believe that it's in everyone's self-interest to control one's body. They are a shameless bunch of degenerate shriveled up old them, women will never be equal. Naturally, that Legislation appears to be written by the Koch Industry's part of their personal philosophy...Mitch McConnell has openly admitted that the GOP is beholden to David and Charley. So why would it surprise anyone that the current GOP's platform, is a quick reminder of shades of the John Birch Society?
Why would the GOP decide to openly oppose the women's Paycheck Fairness Act"...less than 90 days before the Elections? Seems like one very stupid move, especially since the overwhelming majority of Americans...and the majority of GOP the right of Women to make their own self-determination. Having control of a Woman's body is an immoral human act...those who favor such despicable behavior are the same hypocrites that talk about the evils of Government, being on everyone's back and their intrusion upon the American Public.
Senate Republicans Filibuster Equal Pay For Women Bill

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