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The GOP: When the Substance of the Argument is lost...Fear is an Old Stand-by!

Posted on the 17 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
A truly indecent and hateful man will instill fear at his supporters, not just to rile up emotions...but, because the Son of a Bitch likes it!
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light ~~ Plato
The Republican War on America, the GOP's systematic campaign of ostracizing the Social Classes with use of Hate, Fear, Ad Nauseam, Ad Hominem, Black/White Fallacy, Cognitive Dissonance, Obfuscation, Name cause enough tension and confusion to turn the US into a Ruling Class Society. Their war against the Black Community and voter rights...just, because they're Black! Against Women, for having the basic human right to control of their own body! Their gynephobia and their fear of emasculation, for allowing women dominance!  Against the Gay Community, because they just straight up, hate Gays! Oh! those sinful ways!...and using the "Religious" card, to keep their own sins hidden in the closet!
And against Hispanics and other Immigrant Groups; because of all those Immigration Issues? That's the GOP's Lilly White Ruse! not too long a distant future, Hispanics will make up the majority of America, and in a not too long distant future, after that...Blacks will become the largest Minority!
Fear?? No one represents the inner fears and the ignorance that comes free with it than the GOP...and their agenda of opposing every single political issue, in which the majority of the voters agree in the Polls! Put that fear, first and foremost in the hearts of every American...enough of the stupids will follow you to Armageddon!
Guns don't kill people...people kill people! That's true, people kill people...those "people" profiting from selling arms in the guise of God, Freedom, Liberty, Constitutional Rights, and defending ourselves against Terror. The same "People", who then turn around and sell their merchandise to the a higher fee, naturally! The Morals and compassion for their fellow man?  Money will always trump Morals!
A campaign of misinformation, open contempt for authority by example, the open disrespect of their own President in front of the world! Building an atmosphere of hate and violence, and permitting that violence to rage across the country, by never condoning their actions!
“Life, Liberty, And the pursuit of any maggot who threatens them”  ~~ NRA Welcoming Sign!!
Guns for everybody!...need it right away? no problem, who needs to wait? Background checks? Government intrusion! You're Crazy?? hey! you're the perfect sale!! lots of guns and ammo!! We live in a violent society, even before Obama became Prez!...though somehow, they'll find a way to blame Obama for making southern crackers, racists!
The NRA's Annual Conference! held at the Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee!! Country Music, Southern Nostalgia, Guns, and Grits! Where else better to discuss all the different shades of color and what 'Color', will be the "New" in Cleveland in 2016? All the Clowns got out of their Clown Car and preached more and more see who can upstage, the other!
Ironic!! The NRA and the Party of John Wayne, talking tough! The Right to Bear Arms, the Right to Open Carry, The Right for Teachers to carry Guns in School...the ultimate authorities on Responsible Gun Owners, and how to use guns, responsibly. These wonderful men of wisdom outlawed the possession of Handguns inside the Conference! If there's nothing to worry about? why can members open carry...or even if they keep it concealed? Responsible Gun Ownership...or is that just more Right Wing horseshit? or maybe inside all that tough GOP hawkish machismo...they're scared shitless of some crazy wanting a little payback for something??
GOP Candidates to NRA: Be Very Afraid - The Daily Beast

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