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The GOP's Self-denial of an Embarrassing Reality...Obamacare is Working!!

Posted on the 24 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Living a Life of Self-denial in their own Little Make-believe World. Republicans just can't conceivably understand why the Affordable Care Act...aka Obamacare...keeps turning into a bigger success, as each day passes?
All the heavy daily barrage by their Propaganda Machine, their 50something "Repeals" in the US House, their perpetual Trash Talking Points, and even "God" telling the population that no one should have Healthcare!!  All the GOP horseshit Lies can't trump common sense.
Question: Why do they oppose everyone from having the opportunity of receiving Medical Care, when someone might not have had that opportunity in the past?
Answer: It all lead to the same thing; The Private Sector can do a better job than the Public Sector...and 'that' was publicly verified by Ted Cruz when he said during his wannabee "Imagine" speech; "Health Care Reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor, and that makes Health Insurance 'personal' and portable and 'affordable'"!
Translation: The Doctors can continue to charge you whatever they want! and be selective which clients they want! The Insurance Companies can continue to rip you off!...and without a Government to regulate it? Screw the Seniors, the Poor, the Young, Mothers and Babies...fuck'em all! To them, only the Powerful should have the right to medical care, the right to be at the head of the line, the right to live...over those less fortunate...because, they control the capital of our Economy, they're the job creators!
For Republicans? is all about the MONEY!! always has and always will...and who doesn't have it? Want Healthcare? pay for it!! Fuck'em!! Compassion is a dirty taboo for Republicans!
Embracing the Embarrassing Reality?
70 Million Americans now have access to Preventive Support Obama's Health Care Reform!
16 Million formerly Uninsured Americans now have gained Health Insurance!
  9 Million Seniors and People with Disabilities have saved an Avg of $1,600 per person in Prescription Medicine!...over $15 billion in all since the Affordable Care Act
12 Million 'new' Jobs created since the ACA passed!
50,000 fewer Preventable Patient Deaths in Hospitals in the last 3 years!
$7.4 BILLION Dollars of savings in Hospital Costs for 2014 alone!!...after original savings expectations of as much as $1.9 billion from 2012 to 2015!
How much bigger a dose of reality do you want?...there's a lot more! But, Reality is; most people prefer affordable Medical Care...whether they pay or not...over what their options were 'before' Obamacare!
A Stupid question for the Stupids; Why would you want to pay more for the cost of the same Health Insurance, you're getting for less from the ACA? The fact that even someone has to think about it!...
The sad part of all this? An entire Fully Insured Population is not enough...and there will never be enough reality for Republicans to accept...their central issue goes far more than Obamacare. Is about who has it, and who doesn't...about their believes that only the privileged has the exclusivity of America, over all others...whether in Medicine or all other Social Issues in our American Society! All their actions, prove it!!
Obama Tells Republicans To Embrace Reality As He Debunks Their Obamacare Lies

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