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The GOP's Reaffirmation on Their Own Case, Favoring Social Anxiety Disorder

Posted on the 06 May 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
We sure have been living in very Interesting Times! Thank you, China!! If we could only find a good curse, now that they're the Business World's new Kings of the Hill? Give them credit, it's a good curse that worked...but apparently, it contained a second part...and Wow! never saw that one coming!
The Curse? The downgrade of our economy, the fall of a nation due to financial greed, the corruption that accompany's that greed...and the possible gains of absolute power, due to that greed! All 'that' was expected, ever since America started 'Trickling" down! The Trickle? The 1% gets all the Money, and the rest of America gets Evangelical Christianity!...maybe to the Chinese? but to America, the second part of the Curse has lost its humor!
Social Anxiety Disorder AKA "Social Phobia" is said to be: "An intense fear of becoming extremely anxious and possibly humiliated in social situations...specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people".  Sounds like a Republican!  They also "Tend to focus on every little small mistake they do in a social situation and exaggerate them out of proportion" How often do you see Republicans try to correct themselves and instead end up digging the batshit deeper into that hole?
Anthropophobia: The Fear of People and Society! A Xenophobic, Homophobic, Gynephobic political party. The fearing of Immigrants, Gays, Women, their Religious Intolerance for anyone not of their own liking; their Islamaphobia and their Anti-Semitic ways...their hate for a Black Man, was precisely what fueled all the tension, today!...they just don't like anyone, period!!
By the way, they're also Anti-Intellectualists and Anti-Education; keep the flock in their caves and in the dark as much as possible..they're afraid of seeing the light, anyhow! Just don't allow them to think!
In Political Theater, expect the incredibly stupid to act in an incredibly stupid way. In the spirit of their humanitarian love of the community during an election cycle...with the GOP's blessings..." World Relief", an arm of the National Evangelical Association arranged with the State Department the relocation of 60 Refugees from Iraq, Syria, Bhutan, and the Congo into the area of Spartanburg, SC. 60 refugees in a County where families from 70 different Countries have been relocated or moved there to live, diverse enough?
Only one tiny mistake in the arrangements...nobody told the Spartanburg Baptist Church, who went apeshit over the announcement. More refugees for the Spartanburg, SC region?? What a "Welcome to America"?!?! Everyone hates your guts, even former Refugees now SC Residents who've been 'Americanized" in Conservative "Christian" Values! "Welcome to America"? First words these people are going to learn in English, is "There goes the Neighborhood"!!
United Nations' Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon stated; "Of the 500,000 Maritime Containers that move around the world every year, accounting to 90% of all International Trade...only 2% is ever inspected". It's incredible! No one gives a damn what enters a country by freight...only 2% of everything in the world is matter how big or little, with an opportunity to bring in anything! Worried about terrorism? but not what comes in a secretive looking box, that never was inspected?
Yet, human beings fleeing oppression, hunger, looking for a better life...or just a needed change in their lives....coming to America for the same reasons that our ancestors came, why is it a big deal?
Something is tragically wrong when money and business takes a greater value than people...but, what do you expect from a broken dysfunctional Party, with a severe Social Anxiety Disorder??
This Is A Republican Elected Official's Version Of Welcoming Refugees To America

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