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The Gardening and the Italian Vocabulary

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

gardening in Italy Spring in coming! I always want to do gardening = giardinaggio in this season. Do you have  a green thumb = pollice verde? Personally so and so, but I really like gardening and it relaxes me .  Sooner or later I will learn to do it well. Some people are lucky to have a garden = giardino or even a vegetable gardens= orto where  they can  have  their vegetables and then make a delicious soup. For city dwellers like me there is only  one chance:  to have a balcony = balcone or a terrace= terrazzo . In Rome there are some  houses that have on the top floor wonderful balconies rich on  plants. Here there often are  a table and chairs and  you can  enjoy the sun and the sight of this beautiful city. In Milan there are maybe a little less balconies on the top because winter is gloomy, but you can find them. Because I am a common being, I have a simple little terrace:  a small space, but many plants that make it a little jungle= giungla (with a little  of imagination). During this time you have to plant = piantare and to sow = seminare. For this reason you must have the right tools: a small rake= rastrello, the fertilizer= concime and  the gloves= guanti. Now you are ready to gardening  your corner of the plants? You will have fun!
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