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The Gallery: Extreme Close Up

By Feistytapas @feistytapas
The Gallery: Extreme Close Up
This is me (well, clearly it's my eye). This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2006. There are two reasons why I love this photo. The superficial reason is that it leaves clear that there really is some green in my otherwise brown eyes. Along with some red lines left over from the traditional whisky sours, wine and champagne (in that order) of the big Christmas Eve party with the family the night before. Christmas Eve is a big one in Spain.
The other reason is that this is the eye of a single girl, an eye looking at the future, never giving up, determined to find happiness, happy to just be her. Behind this eye that day there was a rather slim girl unlucky in love, always hard at work, always there for her friends.
See those fine lines around that eye? They are now deeper, the white finds itself covered in red more often and hardly ever is it because of drink or late night partying. The woman behind that eye nowadays is lucky to have found the love of her life, always hard at work, hardly ever there for her friends anymore because she hardly has any time. In fact she has become a rubbish friend and, let me tell you, she definitely isn't slim anymore.
The Gallery: Extreme Close Up
The woman behind that eye, the woman in this photo, the woman writing this is, despite her whinging and ranting, happy. She just needs some time now and again to step back from it all and realize it.
In summary, this is an extreme close-up of someone who close up can be quite extreme but really is quite lovely, gentle and caring after you get to know her.
This is me.
This post has been written and inspired by Tara Cain's The Gallery, head on over to check out lots of other fascinating posts on this same topic.

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