The Futurephonic Complete Edition Masterclass – Part One TUTORIAL

Posted on the 21 June 2021 by Roberto Morelli

The Futurephonic Complete Edition Masterclass - Part One TUTORIAL

The Futurephonic Complete Edition Masterclass – Part One [Psytrance Tutorial]

So, you’re looking for the best possible production tutorial available. You’ve taken a look around but there’s not a lot of real info on how the pros are getting THAT epic Psytrance sound. That big, festival-rocking, kick-and-bass heaving production.

Again I have come back feeling ‘money well spent’ and valuable insight with some great new tips and techniques learned – Justin Blij

It has helped my music tremendously – Kenny Sefton

The Futurephonic Masterclasses were the first of their kind and were built on a single principle – to educate aspiring producers in the elusive art of producing professional-grade electronic music. Our teachers? Only the premiership artists in the Psytrance scene: Tristan, Protoculture, Dick Trevor, Burn in Noise, Headroom, Bonen (X-Noize/Major7) and E-Clip. All of our classes were three hours in length and have always been kept private. Until Now.

The Futurephonic Complete Edition Masterclass is a compilation of all the full-length classes. We’ve edited over 21hours of pure Masterclass into two parts. Part One, a whopping 8 hours in length, features the full classes of Protoculture, Bonen and E-Clip.

What do I get in the video?

This video has been split into segments, so you get three different angles on each topic, starting with three hours alone on Kick and Bass Creation. Then we move on to:

  • Drums & Percussion
  • Leads & Synths
  • Effects & Processing
  • Track Arrangement

Mix Buss and Mastering.

To really get a look inside the machine, the classes were built on Track Deconstructions, where our hosts opened a track which had been voted in by students. Watch Protoculture deconstruct both Annapurna and Impala, E-Clip shows you how he made his hit Salvia Divinorum and Bonen opens up Retrig by Major7 & Big Brother.

Be aware that this download is just under 14GB. We wanted to make sure that the class was delivered to you in the highest possible quality so you don’t miss a beat. Download all the files and enjoy!


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