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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Martian Menace by Eric Brown

By Pamelascott


For the second time in human history, Martian invaders occupy planet Earth. After a common terrestrial virus thwarted the first deadly invasion, another Martian armada arrived six years later to make peace. Now, mankind enjoys unprecedented prosperity due to the aliens' scientific wonders and technology, and an entente exists between the two races. But when Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are called upon to investigate the death of an eminent Martian philosopher, they unravel an intricate web of betrayal and murder that leaves no one - human or Martian - beyond suspicion...


[In the spring of 1910, Sherlock Holmes was involved in a singular investigation that was to have far-reaching consequences for my friend, for myself and for the world at large - though little did I realise this at the time]


(@TitanBooks, 11 February 2020, 352 pages, e-book, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)



I'm a massive Holmes fan. I've read (or listed to via Audible) all of Conan Doyle's original books plus a whole slew of spin-off's and variations, some stranger than others. I've read a few titles in the Further Adventures series and rate them highly. The books offer some stories which are pretty close to the feel or the original and other ones like this which are just bizarre. I prefer the bizarre ones as they are a bit different. This is a sort of sequel to the War of The World's. This delighted me as HG Well's book is a classic, I have actually read and loved. I also liked the way the book features some well known characters from the Homes multi-verse. I was surprised when the book is set on Mars as I didn't expect this. Holmes and Watson can't investigate a crime on Mars the way they could on earth and I liked where the author goes with the story.

Further Adventures Sherlock Holmes: Martian Menace Eric Brown

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