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The Funeral Procession on Water

By Egyking
This fragment shows two scenes of funerary boats traveling to the right towards a booth under which are jars and a conical loaf. The boat in the upper register is propelled by four oarsmen; in the cabin at the front two persons are seen talking to each other. On top of the catafalque  five mourners are sitting, dressed in large white robes.
The funeral procession on water
 In the lower register a person on the right takes hold of the prow of a boat rowed by four oarsmen. The boat is carrying several standing individuals : one man carrying papyrus bouquets, another holding a large stick, another with a fan, and two men carrying ritual vessels, a funerary figurine, and a shabti box. At the extreme right, beneath the upper booth, a servant is holding two jars on the ground.

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