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The Full Moon in Pisces – Will You Reveal What You Have Been Hiding?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

full moon

As with any full Moon, we have the idea of completion coming to the fore tomorrow, the maturing of any task or plan that you have been working on. Here at the full Moon on 31st August is where you see the results of your labours. Now this Full Moon in Pisces highlights the sacrifice and service axis in the skies, or anything that has been hidden now being highlighted by the Sun in the mundane world of Virgo. Is there something that you have carefully sacrificing your time on which is ready to be seen in the full light of day, ready to be revealed to the world. Is it now high time for you to serve your purpose?


As I see it, with this full Moon on 31st August widely conjunct to Neptune, trine to Mars in Scorpio and sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, you do have a choice but you will tested to make a decision now to go ahead and highlight what you have been doing recently (the positive trine to Mars) or to keep your counsel and keep your ideas hidden for a while longer under the veil of Neptune. The accent is on fluid change (Pluto sextile Moon) whether you like it or not, so the choice is yours whether to come out of the closet or to remain there for a little while longer.

Whatever your decision, remember these words. Change will happen, and whatever you hide now will come out when we experience the next powerful new Moon in the practical, physical, truthful world of Virgo under the shadow of an almost exact Uranus Pluto square.

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