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The French Provincial Bathroom Vanities That You’ve Been Looking For

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

French provincial bathroom vanities differ from Parisian furniture and French Royal furniture. The style comes from the provincial towns of France like Blois, Orleans, Lyon, and Liege. French provincial design holds a cultural identity that is subtlety distinct from styles of the towering metropolis. French provincial is a blend of French, country and rustic styles of decorating.

Key Features of French Provincial Furniture:

  • Cabriole legs; dual curves vs bowed legs. Much more elegant and artisanal.
  • Scalloped Carvings have light grooves in them similar to the shell of a scallop.
  • Wheat Pattern Carving that are reflective of the country surroundings
  • An aged patina that is the result of polish and grim building up over time.
  • Emphasis on the carving rather than the paint, stain, or finish.

This post will highlight the beauty of French Provincial Vanities. If you do not find what you’re looking for, you can also browse the website to look through thousands of antique, transitional, and country bathroom vanities.  You can click on the images for more information about the particular vanity you’re interested in.

30 French Bath Vanity Ideas for Your Home

1) 72″ Provincial Double Sink Vanity – Light

72 inch French Provincial Double Vanity Light

72″ French Provincial Double Vanity Light. $5,775.00.

The 72″ Provincial Double Sink Bathroom Vanity has a breathtaking design that truly completes your master suite. It features an antique crackle parchment finish with aged silver highlights, filling the room with a regal atmosphere.  A bone fossil stone top complements the lightly aged patina on the cabinet perfectly. The Provincial Vanity has 3 drawers and 2 door panels that open up to reveal plenty of storage space for all of your hygienic supplies. If you want to transform your bathroom, this French Vanity has some of the best features that are reminiscent of authentic french provincial craftsmanship.

2) 48″ Cortona Single Bath Vanity

Silkroad Exclusive French Cortona Vanity

The 48″ French Cortona Vanity. $1,099.00.

Made by Silkroad Exclusive, the Cortona Single Bath Vanity is one of the most popular vanities and it’s not hard to tell why. This quaint cabinet set has a charming appeal with hand-crafted designs etched into the along the top and bottom of the vanity.  The finish is a cross between a cream and grayish accents to give the vanity an antiquated appearance filled with Old World Fashion. The Cortona Vanity is available with a Travertine or Cream Marfil Marble top.  All faucet holes are pre-drilled for easy installation (faucets sold separately).  Attention is paid to even the smallest details with appropriate antique brass hardware to put the finishing touches on this elegant French Provincial Vanity.

3) 47″ Ball & Claw Single Bath Vanity

Ball & Claw Provincial Vanity

The 47″ Ball & Claw French Provincial Vanity. $3,360.00.

The 47″ Ball and Claw Single Bathroom Vanity has a name to be remembered and look that sends a statement.  The Ball & Claw Vanity is the perfect for those who like luxury with a dark side. What stands out is the rich mahogany finish enriched with royal gold highlights.  Carved leaf and rope embellishments give this vanity a unique personality. Storage is taken care of with a double door cupboard that opens up to reveal a cavern of free space.  Countertop and backsplash are made from black granite while water pours into a Balsa porcelain sink (included).

4) 64″ Monticello Single Bath Vanity with Hutch

Monticello French Provincial Bath Vanity with Hutch

The Monticello French Provincial Bath Vanity with Hutch and lighting. $6,720.00.

The Monticello Single Vanity is an elegant bathroom centerpiece that comes with a rare Hutch and lighting system. Every inch is of this vanity is filled with sentiments that are fashioned from traditional French Provincial sensibilities.  The Monticello is covered in a antique white parchment with silver highlights. These tones are brought out even further by a beige marble countertop and matching backsplash (all included). The hutch features a central mirror with two medicine cabinets storage compartments on either side so all of your cosmetic accessories are easily accessible. This vanity is available with several faucet options which can be seen by clicking on the image above.

5) 25″ Private Retreat Single Bath Vanity

French Private Retreat Vanity

The 25″ French Private Retreat Vanity. $2,000.00.

The 25″ Private Retreat Single Bathroom Vanity has ornate decorative features that give this petite vanity plenty of style and spunk. If you zoom in closely, you’ll notice the hand-carved details that cover every square inch of the vanity.  A dusty Pecan Wax finish maintains it’s rich history while bringing out the glowing hues of the solid wood finish. Curved cabriolet legs are a staple of the French Provincial Era with a modish and announced stance.  The Ivory Cream marble countertop includes backsplash and Balsa porcelain sink. Faucets not included.

6) 72″ Van Buren Double Sink Vanity

Van Buren Double Vanity with Cream Marble Top

The Van Buren Double Vanity shown with Cream Marble Top. $1,659.00.

The 72″ Van Buren Double Sink Vanity has a warm cherry finish, beveled door panels, and a striking decorative design running the length of the face of the vanity. Even the handles feature a traditional antique style. With three drawers, two double door cabinets, and plenty of counter space, this vanity has as much utility as it does style. Available with a Baltic Brown granite, Cream Marfil, or Travertine top.

7) 25″ Avalon Single Bath Vanity

Avalon French Style Vanity

The Avalon French Style Vanity. $1,755.00.

The 25″ Avalon Petite Single Vanity is rich in Antique French Provincial style and character. The natural wood details are not hidden by the delicate light finish.  Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this vanity are the elongated cabriolet legs that raise this French Inspired vanity to a higher level of utter opulence.  Its size makes it ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms where space is limited. The Travertine countertop includes backsplash and the vanity comes installed with a Balsa porcelain sink. This vanity is one of a kind, and definitely stands out.

8) 31″ Teramo Single Bath Vanity

Teramo Single Bath Vanity

The 31″ Teramo Single Bath Vanity. $1,189.00.

The Teramo Single Bathroom Vanity adds elegance to any bathroom. It features a deep cherry finish with elaborately carved details on the side columns, aprons, doors, and even the cabriolet feet. This handsome cabinet is complemented by a genuine Baltic brown granite countertop. You can see where French Provincial styling has played an influence in the design and construction of this antique vanity.

9) 32″ Vergato Single Bath Vanity

Vergato Provincial Vanity

The Vergato French Provincial Vanity. $845.00.

The Vergato Corner Vanity completes smaller bathrooms with its space-saving design. Although it may be small in size, it does not lack style. Featuring a hand painted finish and antique brass hardware, the Vergato vanity is overflowing with  character. The countertop is a unique Roman Vein-cut Travertine that is pre-drilled for faucets so you don’t have to hire a contractor to do this for you. The double door cabinet allows you to keep your bathroom stocked and tidy. This corner vanity comes with a white ceramic undermount sink.

10) 60″ Scrolled Door Single Bath Vanity

Scrolled French Antique Bath Cabinet

The 60″ Scrolled Door Single Bath Vanity. $4,935.00.

The 60″ Scrolled Door Antique Single Bath Vanity features an exciting design that combines antique and traditional elements into a style known as transitional. The countertop is made from a high end black granite and is underseated by a pre-installed Balsa porcelain sink that is easy to clean and highly durable. In addition, 2 doors and 3 drawers allot plenty of space for organized storage of miscellaneous items that accumulate in the bathroom.  This vanity is available with several faucet options that can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

11) 48″ Provincial Single Vanity – Dark

French Provincial Single Bath Vanity

The 48″ French Provincial Single Bath Vanity shown in a dark finish. $3,990.00.

The 48″ Provincial Dark Single Bathroom Vanity is built on a high-grade solid mahogany frame. This vanity is built to last a lifetime and brings with it a sharp sense of sophistication. Behind its eight drawers and double door cabinet, you will be surprised just how much space this medium-sized vanity contains.  The Provincial Vanity is outfitted with a luscious Ivory Cream Marble Countertop which adds a beautiful contrast to the darker tones of the cabinet.  It is an impressive centerpiece for any bathroom. Faucet options are available and this vanity comes with a pre-installed Balsa Porcelain basin.

12) 60″ Donnybrook Double Sink Vanity

Donnybrooke Cream White Vanity

The 60″ Donnybrook Cream White Vanity. $1,810.00.

The 60″ Donnybrook Double Sink Bathroom Vanity is perfect for a bathroom in need of traditional style with touches a simplistic nature. Its white finish brings light and feelings of purity into your powder room while its rich granite top adds a a look that is luxe and haute. Its gorgeous carvings and antique cabinet door and drawer handles add a touch of elegant traditional style. Meanwhile, each of the four drawers are fully-functional (the top drawer is NOT a faux drawer).

13) 58″ Petriano Double Sink Vanity

58 Inch Petriano French Vanity

The 58″ Petriano Single Sink Vanity. $1,299.00.

The Petriano Double Bath Vanity is an elegant addition to any master bathroom. The finish on this vanity is hand-painted with a white-cream tone that is neutral yet flavorful.  The tones are not so domineering that it overshadows other features in your overall theme.  Antique brass hardware and hand-crafted details give this provincial vanity  it’s charming style and character. The countertop is cream Marfil marble and is pre-drilled with three faucet holes. It also includes two under mount ivory ceramic sinks that complement the cream finish and varies from bland white porcelain basins which are common place in most homes.

14) 37″ Winslow Single Bath Vanity

37 Inch Winslow Antique Vanity

The 37″ Winslow Antique Vanity. $2,730.00.

The 37″ Winslow Single Bathroom Vanity is a quality crafted vanity with an appearance that is completely distinguished from the rest. The cabinet is constructed from solid Mahogany so it won’t crack or warp amid humid bathroom conditions. Double drawers and a double door cabinet provide plenty of room to help you in your mission to keep a neat and tidy home. What’s most impressive is the absolutely stunning color scheme!  This is achieved by an acid washing the finish and accenting these tones with etched brass sheetings. The Golden Agate Fossil Stone countertop is has rich tones and seamlessly matches the overall theme and flow of the base cabinet.  Available with various faucet options and comes with a pre-installed Balsa porcelain sink.

15) 48″ Provincial Single Bath Vanity – Light

Provincial Single Vanity Light

The 48″ Provincial Single Bath Vanity shown in a light finish. $3,99.00.00.

The 48″ Provincial Medium Single Bathroom Vanity brings elegance to any powder room or bathroom. The finish is a light antique parchment with gorgeous brushed silver embellishments. This looks absolutely stunning underneath the Ivory Cream marble countertop. The double door cabinet and eight drawers allot plenty of storage and organization space for all of your things. Balsa porcelain sink included.

16) 60″ Cortona Single Bath Vanity

60 Inch Cortona French Bathroom Cabinet

The 60″ Cortona French Bathroom Cabinet. $1,550.00.

Charmingly exquisite, the 60″ Cortona Single Bath Vanity offers the beauty of the 48″ version, but with larger counter and storage space. Featuring a cream marble top with an Antique White finished cabinet, the Cortona Vanity offers a classic French Provincial appeal for your bathroom. You won’t be in need of more storage room with 7 drawers and a large, central double-door cabinet. Antique brass hardware decks each of the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, giving it a timeless look that will instantly transform your bathroom!

17) 73″ Helena Double Sink Vanity

73 Inch Helena Double Vanity

The 73″ Helena Double Vanity. $2,085.00.

Pack your bathroom full of style with the 73″ Helena Double Sink Vanity. The intricate detailing is evident on the apron, column, and sides of this vanity. Scrolled legs elevate the cabinet annunciation its French provincial inspirations. Two double-door cabinets and four spacious drawers offer tons of storage room.  Made by Bosconi, this manufacturer offers a unique Dark Emperador Marble top that can only be found in rare locations of Spain including Caudet and Jumilla. This vanity is also CARB PH2 Certified meaning it is a low-VOC emissions and also reduces the amount of formaldehyde used in the manufacturing process.

18) 28″ Floral Painted Single Bath Vanity

Floral Painted Vanity

The 28″ Small Floral Painted Antique Vanity. $2,730.00.

The 28″ Floral Painted Single Vanity has a rich, antique finish that accents the beautiful floral decal that is placed center stage on the apron of this vanity. Golden hues bring out the beauty of its rich finish, while scrolled legs and columns fill out the traditional, regal look.  The top of this cabinet base is graced by a deep black granite top that matches the contours of the vanity itself for 100% custom appearance.

19) 39″ Broomfield Single Bath Vanity

39 Inch Broomfield Single Bath Vanity

The 39″ Broomfield Single Bath Vanity. $1,476.00.

The Broomfield Bath Vanity offers exquisitely elegant antique accents that transform your entire bathroom into something you can boast about. Its burled ornate design is made from solid wood with botanical and rope detailing that runs along the length of the cabinet. The columns are styled to look like reeds and scrolled feet elevate this French provincial vanity. Each door has a framed appeal and are operated using antique door pulls. Inside, you’ll find an inner drawer that’s fitted around the plumbing and equipped with ball-bearing slides to make the drawer open and close effortlessly in true high-class fashion. To top it off (pun intended), the black granite top is 2.5 cm. thick and offers a contrasting color to the warming Golden Pecan finish!  Thicker countertops are more durable and less likely to crack over time.  Also available with an optional beveled glass mirror that will match the golden pecan finish and elegantly crafted hand-carved details.

20) 40″ Washington Single Bath Vanity

Juno Round Antique Vanity

The 40″ Juno Curved Vanity. $1,125.00.

The 40″ Washington Single Bath Vanity is French Provincial Vanity built for royalty. The magnificence of its beautiful woodworked cabinet will dazzle and transform any bathroom into one that is both stylish and inviting. Its charming patterns are apparent throughout each side of the vanity, and are accented with metallic handles and knobs to complete the antique look. Complete the  Old World ambiance in your home with this gorgeous vanity.

21) 72″ Provincial Double Sink Vanity – Dark

72 Inch Dark Wood Provincial Bath Vanity

The 72″ Provincial Bath Vanity shown with Dark Wood. $5,040.00.

The Provincial Double Sink Chest has a rich, dark mahogany finish with exquisite details. The double chest includes two sinks with several faucet option are available. The Bone Fossil Stone Top pleasantly contrasts the cabinet’s dark wood finish. Two double door cabinets provide ample storage space, even for a his and hers bathroom. The antique gold highlights really make this piece stand apart from other antique pieces. For grace and sophistication, the Provincial is the way a clear choice for any homeowner.

22) 47.5″ Charlotte Single Bath Vanity

Classic Elegant White Charlotte Vanity

The 47.5″ Pure White Charlotte Vanity. $1,679.00.

Riding the cusp of overflowing antique innovation, the 47.5″ Charlotte Single Vanity is a refreshment of tried and true design motifs. The solid oak construction of this pure white vanity will glisten in just about any traditionally designed bathroom. The Charlotte vanity features 5 drawers, with 4 of the smaller drawers positioned to the left and right sides of the cabinet, and one larger drawer that sits underneath the preinstalled white porcelain bowl. Blending French Provincial with modern design aesthetics of clean and simple designs, the Charlotte vanity allows for a compromise between two very distinct design themes.

23) 30.5″ Sunset Cliffs Single Bath Vanity

Sunset Cliffs French Inspired Vanity

The 30.5″ Sunset Cliffs French Country Inspired Vanity. $641.00.

The 30.5″ Sunset Cliff Single Bath Vanity adds a timeless feel to any bathroom. Its painted Buttercream finish makes a beautiful backsplash for the French scrolled legs and carved floral onlays. The top is made of a gorgeous 2cm thick Black Granite top and an undermount sink made of ceramic. Also available with an optional matching mirror to complete the look of your French Provincial bath or powder room.

24) 48″ Winslow Single Bath Vanity

Winslow Provincial Vanity

The 48″ Winslow Provincial Single Vanity. $4,200.00.

The 48″ Winslow Large Single Bathroom Vanity features quality craftsmanship and a style that is simply striking. The cabinet is constructed from the strongest mahogany solids. Eight drawers and a double door cabinet provide plenty of room to stay neat and organized. The color scheme is achieved by an acid washed finish with etched brass sheeting. The golden agate fossil stone countertop is the perfect complementary color for this piece. Comes installed with a Balsa porcelain sink.

25) 36″ Provincial Single Vanity – Dark

Provincial Small French Vanity

The 36″ Provincial Small French Vanity shown with a dark wood finish. $2,681.00.

The 36″ Provincial Petite Single Bathroom Vanity is a handsome centerpiece for small bathrooms with big design goals. The solid mahogany frame features intricate carving, giving this piece depth and an eye-catching appeal. The Ivory Cream marble countertop and backsplash provide a lovely contrast against the dark finish and is installed with a Balsa porcelain sink. A double door cabinet also provides room for all the essentials. This vanity has the perfect style for a traditional or antique bath layout.

26) 34.75″ Normandy Single Bath Vanity

Normandy Walnut Bath Cabinet

The 34.75″ Normandy Walnut Cabinet. $1,338.00.

The Normandy Single Vanity features a wonderful antique design with hand carved details, cream marble counter top, and antique bronze hardware. This provincial vanity  class and an air of grandeur to your bathroom. This vanity is made with solid birch wood and is also protected by a waterproof walnut finish to ensure longetivy. A white ceramic sink is included, and the counter top comes with pre-drilled faucet holes so you can select your own faucet to install (faucet sold separately). This vanity also has several optional matching pieces, such as a beautifully framed mirror, and two different cabinets to add more storage space to your bathroom without introducing something that is tacky or out of place.

27) 72″ Pesaro Double Sink Vanity

Pesaro Cherry Red Double Vanity

The 72″ Pesaro Cherry Red Double Sink Vanity. $2,070.00.

The Pesaro Double Bath Vanity is and antique vanity with intricate details and a cherry brown finish that appears brown in dimly lit areas but the glowing cherry red finish is brought out under bright lighting. The cabinet is built with solid wood that is kiln-dried in order to prevent warping and cracking.  By properly drying the wood, you prevent issues with misalignment; these vanities are laser straight.  The creme marble top and back splash are finished and sealed to prevent stains and water marks from damaging your beautiful cabinets. The Pesaro features four doors and three drawers for plenty of storage and organization. The cabinet is protected by a multi-layer, 12-step hand glaze finish to prevent peeling, cracking, and fading. A set of two matching mirrors is available to complete your bathroom decor.

28) 36″ Provincial Single Bath Vanity – Light

Small French Provincial Style Vanity

The 36″ French Provincial Style Vanity. $2,681.00.

The 36″ Provincial Single Bathroom Vanity is filled with character and detail that is perfect for a French Provincial bathroom design. The antiqued parchment finish stands out thanks to aged silver highlights. You will also find beautiful carvings, such as the fluted front corners, on the doors, columns, apron, top, and legs. The whole piece sits on top of four cabriolet legs. The smooth Ivory Cream marble countertop and backsplash complement the cabinet’s finish and is installed with a Balsa porcelain sink.

29) 25″ Winslow Single Bath Vanity

Winslow Narrow Vanity

The 25″ Winslow Narrow Vanity. $2,310.00.

The 25″ Winslow Petite Antique Single Vanity has an outstanding antique style has enough personality to complete any small bathroom or powder room. The cabinet is made from mahogany solids with an acid wash and etched brass sheeting. The single door cabinet allows convenient storage. The countertop and backsplash are golden agate fossil stone, which also adds to the rustic style. Comes installed with a Balsa porcelain sink.

30) 72″ Cansano Double Sink Vanity

72 Inch Cream White Double Sink Vanity

The 72″ Cansano Double Sink Vanity. $1,680.00.

The 72″ Cansano Double Sink Vanity is sure to brighten up any master bathroom. Its solid birch wood construction is kiln-dried to prevent warping and cracking. The antique white finish is achieved through a multi-layer, 12-step hand glaze finish to prevent peeling, cracking, and fading. Its natural Baltic brown marble top is finished and sealed to protect against stains and water marks. Both white porcelain undermount sinks feature a new no-splash, reverse slope design. Behind its four doors and four drawers, you will find a lot of room for storage and organization. A set of two matching mirrors is available to complete your bathroom design.


Purchasing a French Provincial Vanity is a way for homeowners to feel at home. Many Europeans living in the U.S. are interested European Bath Vanities that are different from the typical vanity seen here in America. These culturally infused vanities allow you to capture that nostalgic sense and fill your home with a lifetime of memories.

Tradewinds Imports does not have a category designated to French Provincial Vanities but the closest match I would suggest is looking through the Antique Vanities Category. This is where you will be able to find more French Provincial Bath Cabinets.  Keep in mind, most of the vanities on this list are available with various top options.

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