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The Fosters: Season 1 Recap and Season 2 Preview

Posted on the 13 June 2014 by Candornews @CandorNews

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The Fosters is set to return to ABC Family on June 16th almost exactly a year since it premiered. Jennifer Lopez serves as executive producer and Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg as the creators. Those who have seen the show will be able to feel the resemblance of one storyline with The O.C., the popular FOX teen show. The drama follows Lena and Stef Foster’s family, consisting of one biological son from Stef’s previous marriage, a pair of adopted twins and later the inclusion of Callie and her brother Jude. Callie was released from juvie and taken in by the Fosters. Throughout the 21-episode season, we see how it resembles The O.C., but also becomes a unique show with good twists and character development. However, many things were obviously unresolved in order to make room for that in this upcoming season and future seasons (if it’s renewed.) Let’s take a look at how different plot lines reached the end of the 1st season:

Stef and Lena: After getting married, Stef’s father dying and taking care of five unique, but difficult teenagers, Lena decides she wants to get pregnant. After a few obstacles and Stef’s lack of enthusiasm, the season finale saw Lena telling Stef that a baby is on board.

Callie: After the mid-season appearance of Girls United, her life wasn’t the same. She gives up on the idea of moving in with Brandon in their very own apartment. She dumps him and seems to settle with Wyatt at the end of the finale as they kiss. She attends the adoption ceremony, but finds out that Donald Jacob isn’t her father as shown in her birth certificate and can’t be adopted.

Brandon: Having left behind the “perfect son” image, he helped the biggest troublemaker at the school with a theft assignment. He then felt some remorse and admitted to the crime. The finale ends with Brandon being beaten by Vico, the troublemaker. On top of that, Brandon bribed Ana, got in trouble with Stef and was asked to move back home with the women. If that wasn’t enough, he is dumped by Callie and ends up having sex with his father’s girlfriend.

Jesus: Lexi heads back to Honduras following their breakup and his friendship with Emma evolves into something more, as they kiss during the finale. He’s back on his meds after he acts out.

Mariana: As her relationship with Zac seemed to reach new levels. She finds out that his mother has Alzheimer’s and he decides to move to Arizona.

Jude: Ever since he and Connor became friends, there have been hints that they like each other, but never truly confirmed. However, a talk he has with Connor about asking a girl out ends up in a fight. He then questions his sexuality and tells Lena, who assures him that they love him no matter what.

Mike: He starts drinking again after feeling he has failed Brandon as a parent. He breaks up with Dani after finding out she gave money to Brandon. He does not know that Brandon and Dani had sex.

According to cartermatt.com in an official synopsis of the premiere episode, we will see Brandon making a big choice, Jesus struggling with Emma, Jude reaching a low point with Connor, a mysterious stranger following Callie and Stef confronting Mike about what happened with Ana’s disappearance.

Tune into ABC Family on Monday June 16th 9/8c for the exciting return of The Fosters.


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