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The Fixed Stars - An Analysis of US President Donald Trump

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The Fixed Stars - An analysis of US President Donald Trump

Everyone who comes onto my website I assume generally is well versed in normal traditional Astrology, however as you will know my proper speciality which few other Astrologers dip into is the use of the stars in looking at a situation or at someone's character. As I've mentioned before, this is the original way people used to do Astrology, before Astrology wheels were thought of. After all in the evenings 6000 years ago, what else did you have to do? Well we all know the obvious answer to that question, but I am guessing that a lot of stargazing was done too. Man has always had a fascination with prediction and working out what is and will go on, and by connecting the movement of the planets in the sky to the other planets, and the planets to the stars and linking them to human behaviour, to the weather cycles and events shaping everyday life, astrology was born.

Back in those days, they may have recorded the day that a person was born, but not the time, they didn't have clocks to record the exact time. Working out someone's personality was linked to the position of the planets in the sky on the day of birth and where they were in relations to the stars. That form of analysis has pretty much got lost in the mists of time, however there a few of us in the current Astrology world who think that this approach is still very much valid.

The most prominent person around at the moment is probably Donald Trump, and nowhere on the web have I seen or found an analysis of the planets connected to the stars in relation to him. Just to show you what is possible, I'm going to set out a short summary of the stars and planets on the day he was born, 14 th June 1946 in New York.

He was born with his Sun conjunct to Alnilam in the belt of Orion, and this gives an ability of pulling things, ideas and people together, like a belt holding clothes in place. He is a builder of bridges between things and he will tend to see issues in a new way to most other people. The older star watchers also mentioned that a person with this conjunction would be rash, headstrong, surly, and it would give him notoriety and good fortune. How true is that !!

Because we know his time of birth I know that his Moon is connected to Ras Alhague, the star in Ophiuchus, the serpent holder. This is an interesting connection as it brings an ability to bring relief to many and also it would give him a chance to make a breakthrough of sorts. There is emotion to heal a situation and he did run for office to heal what he saw as a broken and corrupt system. Ptolemy said that this star gave one misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity!! I have no comment on that last one.

Mercury was connected to Alhena, the marching one in Gemini, a star I have mentioned much in the past couple of days. The way Donald communicates is very assertive as if he makes a demand to be heard, like holding a megaphone to one's mouth. This is the conjunction of the spokesperson or salesperson who wants to attract customers or get people to follow his lead. There is also a natural business sense that tends to come out with Mercury linked with this star.

Venus was in line with the star Procyon on 14th June 1948, a star in Canis Minor, the little dog. This is a star of transition and of transforming from one state to another. Now Venus is the planet of relationships, values, money and possessions, and it is interesting that he has has several relationships and marriages, three in total, and he buys up properties and transforms them from one state to another, following the influence that this star gives. As for his values, he was once a more democratically leaning person, but now he is the spokesperson for the Republican party.

Mars is with the star Alphard, the alpha star in Hydra the serpent. The serpent or sea snake attacked the Argo and there is a passion that exudes from this creature, with strength and determination that comes out through it's stars. Alphard with Mars leads to someone who is very forceful in their actions and their attitudes. This can lead to sudden emotional outbursts of temper and a chaotic way of going about one's daily business!!

Donald's Midheaven is linked with Capulus, the the sword hand of Perseus the warrior. The Midheaven is one's point of career and where we meet the public. I get a sense of living by the sword and publicly dying by the sword and how appropriate that Donald primarily became famous for the phrase "You're fired!!" This a brutal conjunction, here one will hire and fire at will, it is single minded and unambiguous, what he says he will stick to especially in his professional life, and how he presents himself in public settings.

Finally his Ascendant is linked to Regulus, the heart of the Lion in Leo. Regulus is the star of kings and rulers, and he has become a natural leader in whatever he's done, he runs things for a living. This star rising at birth shows a drive to succeed which is formidable, this is a conjunction where one must shine, and there is inner belief in what one does to the extent of arrogance. This star is a royal Persian star and it has a dark side connected to it. With all the success that comes with Regulus, at times one will be challenged and one's patience and resolve will be tested by others who will seek to destroy you and your way of doing things. The test of Regulus is to rise above the need for vengeance, for if you succumb to it then your riches and power will be taken away from you. We will wait to see if Donald passes the Regulus test in the next 4 years.

This is just a snapshot of the conjunctions to Donald's natal planets, and I haven't even touched the planet star paran connections of which there are many. I haven't used an Astrology wheel for any of these interpretations or a birth time either, it's just very simple conjunctions of 1 degree or less between a star and the natal planet.

If you want to see more of these in the future to see what the stars have to say about any individual, let me know.

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