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The Five Ages of Modern Man - Gradual Ice Age Cooling - Cataclysmic Heating Events

Posted on the 05 November 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Five Ages Modern Gradual Cooling Cataclysmic Heating Events
According to the above graph (read from right to left, from past to present) the global temperature of the planet tends towards current temperature minus eight degrees. Whatever heat-spike event takes place, Earth eventually always cools down to this base temperature over the following 120,000 years. These semi-regular major-heating events are marked on the above graph at approximately 20,000 BC, 130,000 BC, 250,000 BC and 330,000 BC.
As you'll see from the high points of the (above) graph, in the last half a million years there have been Five Golden Eras where Modern Man could have happily covered the surface of the Earth with his brethren and his technology. But what causes these semi-regular cataclysmic heatings of the planet? And how do these 'heating cataclysms' tie in to the recorded flipping of the axes of our planet, if at all? Massive cometary attack or some electro-magnetic galaxy storm?
One wonders if these 'global heat spikes' show the leap in technological usage of Modern Man at the end of each stable Ice Age, are they man made? Or does the pole-flipping cause the global heating spikes?
According to this intriguing 007-like Archaeological Narrative about ancient peoples shows that Modern flint-artefact-making Man is in the Americas HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE Clovis Man...  and nobody wants you to know about it. Potentially, four much earlier versions of Modern Man can also be found, were one to dig deeper and have an open mind about Multiple Human-species Extinctions.

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