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The Fall of Italian Serie Club Football

By Realdarinford @realdarinford

The Fall of Italian Serie Club Football

The summer in Europe increased year after year temperature, was unable to prevent the serie a in the transfer market prevailing, the peninsula is experiencing a real winter. Each power in the poor performance of European, lead to the serie a formal was the bundesliga more than, the fourth league into Europe, the former small World Cup is already gloomy: eto ‘o to join the AnZhi the upstart Russian, pastor tore a move into the French giant Paris saint germain, sanchez joined in Barcelona. Subject to the overall economic environment Italy, serie a clubs in the input side more and more abstemious, plus the uefa will implement the “financial fairness act and the deficit of more than 50 million euros from the team in Europe and qualifications, traditional management of serie a club more miserable. The team did not belong to his own stadium, overseas market development is very lags behind, the conservative refused to foreign team can only in the transfer market, have.

Collective big change all the shuffle team

In the summer of 2010, to change the behavior of the team is only part of the shuffle, like every summer to replace almost the entire team of Genoa, and like that can’t afford to pay for Siena relegation of salary star team, but in this summer, the big cleaning mode has spread to all the league, it can be said that in addition to AC milan last season, almost all the teams have replaced most of the squad, and this among them also includes the three of inter milan, Juventus and roma and lazio southern traditional teams. If the smaller teams to sell people change blood is to buy low/sell high to make money, then that a big club of great change blood reason is different.

Inter milan had won’t have too much adjustment, but leonardo sudden flee, persecuted massimo moratti to have to make changes. Inter milan in choose handsome stage of the difficulties, and constantly have the door shut in your face, from the first bell of the gaza to old speculation will sinisa mihajlovic, then to England coach fabio capello, and just from Chelsea recess carlo ancelotti, finally to jose mourinho, the world expo, one pass by, but under, moratti can only his eye on the league of internal coach body, add sperry, came into view, and became the nerazzurri head coach of the new season. Although moratti in an interview don’t want new handsome have Inter in the summer’s turn out eight players, buy nine players, flat, though no big first team of adjustment, but as a replacement for new handsome, plus the main players leave, the nerazzurri new season of the direction of the elusive.

In “old woman” summer reinforcements, it’s hard to find the real window, instead, is the practice of quantity to win, juve spent 85.75 million euros, turn to the 13 people, turn a 15 people, but in the weak position but not really improve, especially in the central defender, still only base jeiel, can trust, two side who really no too the right candidate; Conti “424” the squad needs two flying wing, also can’t really fly up, and in the final hour of the introduction of ella leah, more like a helpless choice. Juventus striker replaced several main position and midfielder, but to no avail.

The Italian serie a headwind for star less attractive, the loss of the players that never discontinuous, but even in serie a star of the most serious outflows in 2006 and the summer of 2009, also can’t equate with this year. And ibrahimovic and listed as two big placard of serie a star in late August eto ‘o move into the Russian super parvenu AnZhi, not only such, after serie a training, gradually show the qualities of first-class star sanchez and pastor tore the exodus, respectively. Ironically, and sanchez and pastor tore go recent originally is serie a club, but finally ended up because can’t offer excels in cash-rich premiership rivals can only watched star outflows, can say in serie a financial has been difficult to keep up with the other European league steps.

It is for teams to send force collective, so the whole serie a net investment transfer to 195 million this height. This summer, the transfer net investment more than 30 million team only three-roma, Juventus and napoli. Serie a this summer transfer fee total cost 382 million euros, sell players value of euro 325 million, total net spending transfer fee is 057 million euro, only a quarter of the year to 2008. Serie a club the question of funds directly affecting the star of lost, have no money has become the common problems of the serie a club.

In the summer of 2011 total spending on the list, spent nearly 510 million euros serie a, only the most money than Europe the slightly less; But in income on the list, serie a by selling star also in exchange for 438 million euros ($ ), the European topped the first, almost equal to the sum of the bundesliga and la liga. But in fact, in the transfer deadline before 24 hours, once became a serie a five league in summer 2011 net only less than 30 million euros ($ ) in the league, and even less than 1/6 of the premiership. Even if the last day, the introduction of skin, ella, leah, serie a net investment of 55.54 million euros and only managed to transcend the la liga. Small and medium-sized team owner of the practice of the greed to very difficult to understand, sell people buy potentially selling it will hurt only speculation in serie a. This summer’s star sale today is only a prelude, means that the next day would be serie a more and more difficult, economic and competitive two factors interaction, the influence of the serie a and attraction will also continue to slide.

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