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the Facebook Age

By Globio @globiio

This is the age of Facebook. It is now one of our basic needs in life ensuing with food,clothes and shelter.No one  is interested in reading news papers or magazines they go Facebook or Google for there knowledge. Why go for books if you can get them threw some clicks , why go for news if you can get them on your Wall. No one now runs for publishing his views on papers and mags the Status update it. FB made life too much easy to suvive. If you are not on Facebook , you cannot surpass. Not just news and books , relationships have also gone online. In fact relationships are now on Facebook. If you are finding love , search for the Group,Pages and Communities,they will provide you the matches of opposite sex and even the same as well. People fall in love online,they date online and even plan future with Comments and Likes. No one now go for friends at there houses or parks the meetup in Groups and Chat in there,also play the games on Zyngya. Why to go for hardware's if you have softwared them on our laps.Art and artist now don’t arrange seminars or exhibitions the just post there creation and are loved by Views and Likes. Pics come threw Picasa and Bucket,poem threw write on Wall and articles are eBooked. Carry what ever you like on iPads and watch and read them on the move.the end of theaters. Wanna buy some thing , lets vote for it and post some queries. Selling do it eBay will get you good prize. At home and at work ,attachment with the natural air is broken by the closed walls of  air conditioner room. No chirping and and neighbourhood noises. And one day every thing will be cutoff from life , mechanics will see its downfall and multimedia will proceed.If you are happy Facebook it,sad Facebook it. You just laughed Facebook it. Even if you feel scratching lets Facebook it. From  dawn till we sleep our life is being updated on Facebook.  We are the slave of Facebook will be remembered by user name like me Niyo. Niyo , named after my character in a game , is now my identity.Believe it or not but every one from lover to enemy, from parents to children , good to evil and every thing is in a common relationship now the facebook relationship. The largest religion on earth founded by Mark Zukerburg,will be treated as angel sent from god to give us a gift called `` FACEBOOK “.LET US POST.

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