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The Evil Which is Eating Our Country from Inside: Reservation (Interview of General People Included!)

By Shivam Ralli @shivamralli167

The Evil which is eating our country from inside: Reservation (Interview of General people Included!)


India is a magnificent country. It’s the place where reservation plays the most important role in most of the fields of excellence. Be it studies, job placement, college placement or any campaign placement. The general class always have to wait for their chance to come.Take the case of a person who just scored 190/300 in an exam for IIT (not accurate.) And an OBC who scored 100/300. So, our logic would say that the person who scored higher in this case should get the seat (if only 1 seat is left) but, no. As the chap is an OBC, he will get the placement in the college (the most prestigious college of the country for that) and the guy who scored higher will have to think of something else to do.Reservation was started quite a long way back to uplift the people in backward communities – at that time it seemed a viable plan. But, the result was not as expected. This can be explained like this:The reservation began when the ministers saw the pitiable condition of the backward classes. Their difference was huge. To explain that, take two water tanks. When reservation was going to be introduced, the stats were like this:

The Evil which is eating our country from inside: Reservation (Interview of General people Included!)

The reservation in the country!!

But, what the government did not imagine was that the general class would move forward at this astonishing speed and outrun their project to push the backward classes at par with general people.Okay, now people might point out that reservation is good for the country. So here I will become the frustrated Indian and say: “Shut up, people with enough calibre going down in drain is a waste of fantastic Indian talent.”
The reservation system has robbed people of the confidence in themselves and make them feel under confident about themselves.  They now have limited opportunity in every case.It did not turn out how the Government wanted it to be. They thought that the equality might be generated, but what turned out was that the general class ended up getting more advanced and backward classes are still way below them. And as an incentive the general class is now angry towards reservation. (read now for an example of the scrutiny towards the government). Just a few days back I interviewed a man on what are his thoughts on reservation. It was freaking awesome I must say, it went up something like this (this is a summary):
I was walking down the road when I heard a person talking on his phone (well shouting-kinda) that how reservation is bad for the country. I backtracked and introduced myself to him. I didn’t ask his name, as I was more interested in the topic. I asked his thoughts on reservation. He explained me with two examples (which I must say, though they are funny- they are right.)             1.     He began with giving the example of oxygen (don’t laugh please). Saying how in the coming future if we have a scarcity of oxygen, the rules will be like: OBC 3 breaths per 10 seconds children 3 breaths per 30 seconds and a general class person 1 breath per 1 min (seriously, what the hell, right? Well, it could turn out to be true )2. If we ever face a water shortage. (again, please be a little serious here). The line would be so   long and filled with reservation that a general person will get his chance after 1 year and only get 1 small cup of water.

The Evil which is eating our country from inside: Reservation (Interview of General people Included!)

The Situation has become bad.

Sure, the examples seem extremely far and don’t seem possible for us. But, it clicked a switch inside me that day and got me thinking with the consequences and what all could happen if we continued this line of work. And seeing the reaction of the masses, I think most of the people don’t like to have reservation in this country. They want to get back the freedom. Even U.S.A had reservation for Blacks ( don’t get offended please) but they destroyed it to the ground because it removes the sense of equality among the masses. The Government of India should learn something from that and try to improve the status of our country!*These all are my thoughts, so you can contradict them, but please don’t go out on a war against me please!*

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