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The Ethics of Burdening Future South Australians with Nuclear Wastes?

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

These questions apply everywhere.

The ethics of burdening future South Australians with nuclear wastes?Antinuclear

A high-level nuclear waste dump for SA   What is our moral obligation?

nuclear-future Conservation Council of South Australia

The argument goes: surely SA has a moral obligation to import nuclear waste…

…because we mine uranium?

Uranium mining is only the first of many stages in the nuclear fuel chain. Mined uranium is converted, then enriched, then made into fuel and then used in nuclear power plants. All through this process, there are companies and other countries generating income and profits. Why is it that companies are very happy to take the profits from their activities, but always try to push the costs (financial, environmental and social) back on to the public? For years, tobacco companies tried to dodge their disastrous impact on the health system until governments forced them to be held to account. Surely the nuclear industry should be required to use some of its profits to invest in processing…

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