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The Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2017 Menswear Collection in Review

By Attireclub @attireclub

Emporio Armani unveiled their spring-summer 2017 menswear collection during this June's Milan Fashion Week. The runway show consisted of 88 looks that reflected the brand's vision and aesthetic to the finest.

The signature colors, such as grays, taupes and navys, which define Emporio in opposition to simple Armani, were present in the brand's signature muted shades.

The reason why this is relevant is not only because it goes to show once again how cohesive the brand's vision is (we knew that), but also because Giorgio Armani created this collection around the concept of identity. The opening and closing looks featured fingerprints, therefore framing the collection.

The looks featured in the runway show had each a very distinct dominant color, in a way playing with the idea that "every man is a color", with his own features and characteristics.

However, these characteristics were not simplistic, they were complex and intricate. This is best visible in the looks that feature dress shirts covered by a very sporty t-shirt with the brand's iconic stripes, derived from its well-known logo.

Armani is a household name for a good reason: not only are the clothes executed in a stunning way, but they also convey a message in a subtle, yet clear way. One of the powerful messages we took from this collection was the idea that clothing can confer you identity, if, but only if, you know how to put them together, hence the interesting up-down combinations.

Moreover, the fingerprints printed on the garments can be seen as having a double meaning: not only that a person has an identity (that can be expressed through fashion), but also that one strongly needs his identity, even for the smallest things such your laptop, or other electronic device and that the modern man leaves his print literally on anything he touches.

The striking colors and the messages made this in to a tense and pulsating collection. And, in the end, this is what identity is: a spirit of belonging, to which the Italian label invites every season. The Emporio collections are always very personal and intimate, which is why so many fashionable guys from around the world enjoy wearing them for so many years.

Giorgio Armani has helped to shape the world's view of menswear for a very long time: playing it safe, but always putting something interesting in his clothes, he is one of the strongest presences in fashion, with a number of lines under his name: his main line, Jeans, EA7, Collezioni, and obviously, the already-classic Emporio.

Through his collections in general, and Emporio in particular, Giorgio Armani manages to actually offer a complete idea of identity to his customer, the Emporio Armani collections features clothes for every setting and for every moment of the day in a cohesive and elegant manner, and that's what makes the Italian brand so great and so undeniable relevant both in time and space.

The spirit of Emporio, just like any identity has changed since Patrick Bateman defined back in the 90s, but, just like any identity, it has remained true to its core.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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