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THE ELYSIAN, Chicago, Illinois

By Jaclynsindia @siennacharles

I turned the corner to find myself in a grand courtyard and looking up at a majestic stone building that towered over me. Expensive cars pulled up, and the staff were immediately at hand to offer service. My heels echoed on the white marble floor, whose graceful black braidwork proved mesmerizing (a pattern nicely multiplied throughout the property).

I then began a tour of the hotel, which opened in December of 2009. Apparently, there are only 10 rooms a floor and that if you were to fold the hotel in half, you get a mirror image of each half. In this European style structure designed by Architect Lucien Lagrange, one will find the complimentary chic touches of designers Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary. Funny... on first impression, I thought there was a masculine vibe. But as I weaved my way through the halls and rooms, I definitely felt the warmth of a woman's touch. The perfect examples? There are pops of pink in the rooms, the intricate wall treatments, and the dangling chandeliers referred to as "the earrings of the hotel."

THE ELYSIAN, Chicago, Illinois

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