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The Dress up and Ideal Temperature for Baby Room in Winter

By Sakil King

When it comes to preparing the baby's room, many dads and moms wonder at what temperature the baby's bedroom should be in winter. So that, it does not go too cold or too hot while sleeping. As you know, babies are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, especially newborns and premature babies. So, it is very important to regulate the ideal temperature for baby room in winter.

In general, the rooms of the babies should be around 18-20 degree Celsius approximately, although this temperature will depend on the season of the year in which we are. Keep reading to discover the ideal temperature for the baby's room.

The dress up and ideal temperature for baby room in winter

The ideal temperature for baby room in winter

The temperature of the baby's room in winter can drop to 18-20 degree Celsius. Always taking into account the amount of coat in your pajamas and the bedding in which you cover in your crib to sleep. Do not place your baby near the window, especially on snowy or windy days, to avoid constipation.

Parents can also put the baby in the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is a sort of sack in which to put the baby. The sack keeps the baby warm. Above all, it is very useful because the baby cannot go out. With the sleeping bag, there is no need to put sheets or blankets on the child: in this way the child is kept warm.

How should the home environment be?

The environment should not be dry, but sufficiently humid. The lack of moisture dries the small amount of mucus that is in the respiratory tract, which has the function of carrying out the impurities that are inspired by the air. You can use a humidifier to provide humidity in the room.

How should the child go dressed?

The child can carry with:
  • A body or cotton shirt in contact with the skin.
  • A plush, cotton or towel wristlet.
  • A wool sweater or jacket, in case the home temperature is below 19ºC.
  • When the toddler begins to crawl, he can wear plush cotton wimps with reinforcements at the knees.
  • To play on the floor, it is advisable to place a carpet.

How should the temperature be when the child is bathed?

If the room where the child bathes is cold, it must be heated beforehand. When not having the protection of the clothes, the temperature must be a little warmer than the rest of the home. The water in the bathtub should oscillate between 36 and 37ºC. You can check it with a bath thermometer.

Once the bath has been done, it is advisable to dry and dress the child in the same room. If you change dress in your bedroom, you should dry the dresses well.

How should the child be covered at night?

During the night, the house must have a temperature of about 18-20 degree Celsius, with a humidity of 60%. A humidifier, which should be lit a couple of hours before the child falls asleep, will make breathing easier. It is enough to dress him in a pajama-type jumpsuit and cotton socks.

You can use a gas stove or an electric heater in the room a few hours before putting the baby to sleep. It is better to switch off these devices at night.

How to dress baby in winter to get warm?

Before dressing the baby, to take into account the activity, you are going to do, since it is not the same to go for a walk in the park than to go to the mall. You must ensure that your child's temperature is as constant as possible. Your clothes must be of fabric that allows you to sweat. Do not forget, that colds are usually taken after sweating.

For this reason, we advise you to control the child's body temperature: observe the appearance of their skin or touch the nape of the neck. Do not forget to be foreseeable and always carry an extra coat in the walking bag.

Tips for dressing the baby
  1. The garments must be practical. Your clothes should be easy and quick to remove, to change them comfortably. You should choose wimps and shorts with an elastic waist or open between the legs, to facilitate diaper change.
  2. Buttons and seams must be reduced. T-shirts and bodysuits with American style neckline are the most comfortable because having wide openings can be easily put on and taken off.
  3. It is preferable to choose garments made of natural fibers, since they have a pleasant touch, absorb moisture from the skin. It starts to sweat. The ideal material is cotton wool, velvet and polar.

How to know if the baby is well covered?

  • When you feel cold or hot, it is likely that the baby is experiencing the same sensation.
  • To check if your child has heat, touch the neck or forehead, much more reliable indicators than the hands or feet.
  • When the child does not manage to maintain body heat shows signs of restlessness, his breathing becomes faster and, sometimes, he also cries.

For this reason, the baby sleeping bag is ideal. In the same bag, you have the options of thickness 2.5 and 1 (the same bag for several temperatures). You can find it in various sizes and models.

  • Room over 27 degrees: Body short sleeve without shelter
  • Between 24-27 degrees: A short sleeve finite body + Sack 0.5 tag - or a bag of 1 tag without body
  • 21-23 degrees: Body long or short sleeve + bag 1 tag
  • 17-20 degrees: Long pajamas + 2.5 tag sack
  • Less than 16 degrees: Body long sleeve + Pajama + Sack of 2.5 tags

If the baby sleeps at a suitable temperature, the night awakenings will decrease.

Avoid sweating of your baby

It is not good for the baby to sweat. So for your well-being, it is best not to cover for long time. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the season of the year in which we are.

18 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature for baby room in winter. You must dress your baby properly, so it does not go cold. Newborns do not adequately regulate body temperature since their skin does not keep heat well and they lose it quickly. To avoid the loss of heat, you have to dress the baby with a piece of clothing more than we put on the adults. Sudden changes in temperature are the main enemies of babies. Sometimes, fearing that they can catch a cold, they are overly warm and vice versa.

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