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The Design of the Silicon Valley Business Journal, from Prototype to Reality

Posted on the 09 January 2013 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: With the launch of the Silicon Valley Business Journal, we examine the evolution of the design through multiple prototypes. PLUS: links of interest from the holiday.

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Today’s post is written by Reed Reibstein, art director & project manager, Garcia Media

Yesterday, TheMarioBlog examined the new Silicon Valley Business Journal. Today, we look at how our Garcia Media / American City Business Journals team reached the final design.

Garcia Media’s main personnel were Mario R. Garcia, chief architect of the project, and Reed Reibstein, art director. There were many bright people from American City Business Journals—more than can be mentioned in this post—who provided valuable input throughout the process. The initiative was led by Whitney Shaw, president and CEO of ACBJ. Emory Thomas, Chief Content Officer, led the project team, guiding all aspects print and digital. When new creative director Jon Wile joined the project, he was instrumental in taking the design from prototypes to reality. The team also included Ed Baker, Mark Pawlosky and Joanne Skoog from ACBJ in Charlotte; and James MacGregor, Greg Baumann and Moryt Milo from SVBJ in San Jose.

The evolution of the Project Pinstripe design

The final design of the rethought Business Journals was the result of many concepts and even more revisions. Garcia Media collaborated closely with American City Business Journals to investigate how local business stories could best be told. The following images provide a brief look at the major models produced.

Models A & B

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Model A

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Model B

The first prototypes aimed to explore where the team wished to go with this project. Model A was more adventurous than Model B. Only the centerpiece in Model A jumped—the rest of the items were teasers and a self-contained brief opinion piece. Model A also features the first attempt to create an identity system for all Business Journals. Seeing Model B crystallized for the team that the enthusiastic storytelling of Model A was the right direction to pursue.

Model A revisions

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The next phase sought to add more color, variety, and energy to Model A. Note the nameplate, which introduced the pinstripes that would become a key part of the Business Journals’ identity.


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As part of the discussions about the role of print in the modern media ecosystem, the team examined what an elegant, analysis-focused publication might look like. This concept emphasized the “lean back” nature of print, which describes how readers are able to relax and disconnect from the more immediate digital platforms. Though the lean back concept was intriguing, it did not effectively represent the newsiness and urgency crucial to the best Business Journal reporting.

Initial Flipboard

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The “Flipboard” architecture refers to the eponymous iPad app that makes use of large regions of images in a prominent grid. The front page adapts this digital design philosophy to print, producing a contemporary and highly flexible look.

Flipboard revisions

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The Flipboard concept was the right one, and the team undertook additional revisions to develop the front page further. A critical element was increasing the urgency and newsiness of the front page, which were addressed by the more text-driven centerpiece and secondary headline at the bottom.

This revision also included a new nameplate, designed to be more flexible and contemporary than the previous blue pinstriped version. This new nameplate would prove to fit better with the Flipboard front page concept and became the basis for the Business Journals’ identities.

Final Flipboard prototype

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A further refinement of the Flipboard concept, this front page fully developed the Business Journals’ visual language. Note the more sophisticated mix of image- and text-driven panels, along with a more layered centerpiece. This version also introduced a logo for The List and experimented with red instead of blue as the signature color. It was decided in the next round to return to the original “Sapphire” color for Silicon Valley.

Launch issue in San Jose

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Smaller design tweaks led to the culminating launch issue of the new Silicon Valley Business Journal.

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Complete integration

When Gerard Baker put together his new team for The Wall Street Journal, he sent a memo to the team that included this:

The next phase of our growth will be driven in significant measure by the completion of that integration, the creation of a single and indissoluble news organization uniquely equipped to supply a continuous stream of scoops, analysis, features and penetrating investigations: in real time, on our digital platforms and in the newspaper, to a global audience of hundreds of millions. To that end we need an editorial leadership that is tasked to meet the challenge.“

Platform hopping on the increase

We believe that many media consumers are using various platforms during the course of their day, but we are also reassured that sometimes the content of one story is discovered across platforms. One may begin reading on the mobile telephone, continue in print and then end the story online, or on the tablet.

This piece corroborates it:

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Pages we like

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And today’s page, a double truck from Germany’s Bild: all about fish and the guide to helping us select it at the fish market.

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The design of the Silicon Valley Business Journal, from prototype to reality

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