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The Day I…Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
The Day I...Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

The Day I…Got Loads of Spots on My Head in Senegal

I had to double check the mirror time and time again. Spots were growing at a huge rate. I felt OK inside, I wasn’t ill and mentally I was fine. But externally, on the crazy border crossing from The Gambia to Senegal, I had somehow got about 30 – 40 small spots on my forehead. They were all just in front of my hair and they were horrible. I feared they were going to spread. I went into the shower at my hotel in Dakar and soaped my forehead for 10 minutes and washed my hair thoroughly.

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Senegal to Gambia border

I lay down and slept instead of backpacking the top x number of boring sights in another city on another journey.

I woke up an hour later and all the spots were gone. It was like I dreamt the whole thing up. I even looked back at my photos and the spots don’t look bad in the photo. But they were – they huge and in abundance at the time. And then magically – they disappeared.

To this day, I have no idea what the spots were. Maybe it was stress and depression. Maybe it was a temporary disease, maybe it was travel fatigue. You can read more of my crazy time in Senegal on the #MSMLostLuggage challenge.

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