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The Dawn of the New Social Media Era to Learn Languages

By Tlb
  • Pronunciation:/ riː’twiːt/
  • verb: (on the social networking service Twitter) repost or forward (a message posted by another user)
  • Noun:  posted or forwarded message on Twitter

- Courtesy of Oxford English dictionary-

You are familiar with what has been posted above, right? This is actually how the common word “tweet” is defined in a “dictionary”. But honestly, this dictionary I am referring to is not the typical Oxford or Webster’s Dictionary. We are honestly living in an era far more that depending on these. Just like what Nikki Peters posted in her article, the social media language is taking over Oxford English dictionary—already.

Social Media Strategy Transit Map

This is honestly a very interesting topic to discuss. Since social media has taken the world by storm, it has greatly influenced almost all aspects of our lifestyle! Does anybody wanted a phone call? Skype will do it for you. Would you like to listen to music and watch movies? Youtube will provide it for you. Do you want to write on your diary? Tumblr can be assistance to you. Would you like to show your online reputation? LinkedIn has features especially for you.

This is just how amazing social media is. In fact, most of its terms have become so new to us that even the typical word document (MS Word, for instance) always get to indicate red underlines on terms like blogs, bookmarking, and even podcasts. These words only prove how social media has greatly influenced our concept to learn languages.

Does that actually mean that English may actually take a step sideward and welcome the new language of social media?

Yes, we all understand that when we learn English language, we could also easily understand the new terms the social media is embracing. Terms like Permalink, Teleconferencing, Widgets, TypePad, and Seesmic are really unfamiliar words in the Oxford dictionary. Some may be common words but in the social media’s context, these words are newly used depending on how the social media actually defines it.

Do you get my point here? The social media terms have actually been replacing traditional words already! Don’t you see this as good news? Communication has become more uncomplicated because social media is taking place! That’s how amazing the evolution of a language can become.

Have you personally witnessed and embrace the “social media language?” How do you find such change?

-Pronunciation:/ riː’twiːt/

-Verb: (on the social networking
service Twitter) repost or forward (a message posted by another user).

-Noun: a reposted or forwarded
message on Twitter.

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